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online presence

5 Great Tricks for Creating a Killer Online Presence

Nothing changes faster than online business promotion. A website and a blog used to be enough. To build a killer online presence these days is so much more. You still need...
social selling mistakes

Why You Are Failing at Social Selling (And What to Do Differently)

Social selling is a very new phenomenon that relies on social media to convert leads. Jill Konrath recently created a video called The Rise of Social Selling, where she pointed out...
twitter marketing

Follow These 6 Steps to a Better Twitter Presence

Twitter is a confounding medium. Sure, the whole 140-character thing is deceptively easy to understand, even if it’s getting more complicated by the month. But Twitter is probably the toughest widely used...
social media

4 Social Media Tools Your Business Should Use

The undeniable effects of social media marketing are no longer blurry -- and the benefits are clear as day. While there are some risks of using social media in your business,...


How Lawyers Can Multiply Referrals

Lawyers spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing in an attempt to get their names out there and obtain clients, but one...