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4 Reasons to Outsource Video Marketing

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In recent years, video has come to play an increasingly important role in marketing campaigns. Currently, approximately 86 percent of businesses use video in their marketing campaigns to some degree.

It’s easy to understand why video marketing has grown in popularity. Videos allow brands to connect with audiences on an emotional level, share relatively large amounts of information in short pieces of content, and essentially provide leads with marketing content that’s more dynamic and memorable than other forms of content.

Your business should take advantage of this trend. However, that doesn’t mean you need to create a new department to produce video marketing content in-house. You may be better off outsourcing this work. The following are a just a few key reasons why:

Making Hiring Easier

When you outsource video marketing projects, you may coordinate with a third-party marketing agency. This can simplify the hiring process. Instead of spending time interviewing candidate after candidate, you can review an agency’s past work and client testimonials to determine if they’re qualified to serve your needs.

Keep in mind, typically, multiple team members need to be involved in producing a video. Even if you hired talented candidates for your new video marketing department, you can’t be certain they’re capable of working well together.

That’s not something you need to worry about when you hire an agency. If they have a consistent track record of success, you can be confident their team members are at least compatible enough to deliver strong content.

Managing Your Bandwidth

If you create an in-house video marketing department, you’ll likely need to manage it directly. This can stretch your perhaps already thin bandwidth.

This is another concern that’s a non-issue when you outsource video marketing jobs. While you’ll of course still need to remain in touch with the team you hire to some extent, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time supervising them.

Maximizing Space

This may be a basic point, but it’s nevertheless one that can be easy to overlook.

An in-house video marketing team will take up a lot of space. In addition to the space needed for filming videos, they’ll also need desk space to edit their work. They might also need space to build props, sets, and more.

Naturally, if you don’t currently have that space, you’ll have to rent and maintain it. This can be costly. You’re better off hiring an outside team that already has space set aside for their needs.

Skipping Training

Yes, you will need to spend some time explaining to any video team you hire what you want to achieve with a video marketing campaign. That said, if you were to create your own in-house team, you would also need to devote substantial time to general training. This is key to ensuring new employees understand office policies, company culture, etc.

When you hire an outside team, although they may potentially visit your office from time to time, generally, they’ll work independently. That means you don’t need to spend as much time training them.

Just make sure you’ve carefully reviewed your options before deciding which agency to work with. Not all video marketing teams will be the right fit for your campaigns. Regardless, finding the right outside team is much easier than trying to create the right team within your business.

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