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How to Get Start Your Own Media Company

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  • Take the right steps when you are starting your own media company to get off on the right foot.

There are a lot of different types of businesses you can start. Starting a newspaper, news site or other media company is an exciting, interesting, and fast-paced career choice where no two days are the same. You will probably start your company by acting as a journalist yourself.

Journalists work for a range of different media companies and publications including TV stations, websites, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. You can start a business in any of these verticals. Most of the time, the best way to get started launching a media company is to earn a relevant degree, although there are some alternative options to consider such as apprenticeships. If you are interested in a career in journalism and feel that it may be a good fit for you, here’s what you need to know about getting started.


Most of the time, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree to start your journalism career. This isn’t a requirement when you are starting your own media company, but it definitely helps.

This could involve either earning an undergraduate degree in journalism or earning an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject like English or communications. You may also want to follow this up with earning a master’s degree in journalism. Find out more here about how to get into journalism. If you are interested in starting a particular type of media company, you may want to consider pursuing a degree that focuses more heavily on a journalism specialty area such as sports journalism, broadcast journalism, or investigative journalism.

In addition to a journalism degree, you can get an MBA. This can help improve your leadership skills.

Choosing the Right College

Many colleges will offer a journalism degree program; however, not all of them are going to offer the same value. You should only apply to programs that are accredited and have a good reputation, and choose a school that has a history of delivering good journalism education. While it is not always necessary, you may be interested in finding out more about any notable journalists that studied there.   If you are considering a career in a certain type of journalism such as radio journalism or investigative journalism, then it’s worth looking deeper into the course and the college to find out how in-depth it is. Check out the reputation, facilities, faculty, curriculum, and anything else that is important to you. Remember that a wide range of skills is key for journalism graduates to succeed, so consider choosing a program that offers courses in a variety of areas such as financial reporting, data journalism, or video production.

Work Experience

While studying for a journalism degree does often give you lots of opportunities to get valuable work experience, the work that you do after graduating will often matter the most. While at college, take up any opportunities that you might get to write for college publications, for example, or get internships at local media companies and publications. After you graduate, you will usually find a job working as a junior reporter which will mostly involve covering any stories that you are allocated. These entry-level roles are usually long-term rather than short-term, which is great for security and allowing you to build up experience. However, with low starting salaries, you may also want to consider taking the freelance route to build up your experience and portfolio even further while boosting your pay.


You can start a news website or blog to flex your journalism skills and build up a portfolio of work at any time. Many students will start a blog or news site while they are still studying for their journalism degree in order to gain some relevant experience and make valuable connections that might be useful when looking for work in the future. A blog with a moderate to large following and good connections on social media, especially Twitter, will often make it easier for you to get noticed by potential employers who are looking for new hires with a strong understanding of how online and digital journalism works in the world of modern reporting. If you are interested in getting a postgraduate degree, bear in mind that many expect applicants to have some experience of using social media and blogging for reporting.

Top Reasons to Become a Journalist

People decide to get into journalism for many reasons. Most of the time, journalists are people who are naturally curious about learning new things and want to be the first to hear about the latest and breaking news stories. Along with this, it is also quite a secure career choice as there is always going to be different types of news to report, meaning that journalists are always going to be needed. And there are more opportunities than ever before in journalism thanks to technology. The internet has led to more and more people getting their news and updates online, which in turn, has created a growing demand for journalists who have the skills to create this and maintain it. If you are interested in a future career where you can stay up to date with the latest news, be the first to know the biggest stories and have flexible working options whether you want employment or to freelance, here are some of the best reasons to consider choosing journalism.

Be In the Know

When you are a journalist, you don’t need to wait for the news to hit the headlines before you are aware of it. While you’re not going to know every single news story ahead of time, working in the industry means that you will probably know what the papers are going to be saying tomorrow and what the TV news will be broadcasting. If you love finding out new things and like to keep up with current affairs, then a career in journalism might be ideal for you since this is something that you simply cannot get away from as a key part of the job.

Learn New Things

A journalism role doesn’t just give you the chance to learn more about the latest news, but it is also often an opportunity to learn new things in general. When you work as a journalist, you will often be able to learn more about what works and what doesn’t. Journalists will often make new discoveries and as you work in this role you will definitely learn a lot about society and what makes people tick. Reporting on different news stories means that you will need to get the facts right, which in turn puts you in a position where you have to learn about different fields, industries, communities, cultures and more just to be able to continue doing your job effectively. Along with this, you will also have the chance to learn more things about yourself and get to know yourself better, as it is a career that encourages introspection along with professional and personal development.

Satisfy Your Curiosity

Journalism is often a career path that attracts people who have a natural curiosity about things and are hungry to gain more knowledge. If you are the type of person who does not tend to take things at face value and is often questioning things to find out the what, why, and how in many situations, journalism could suit your personality well. In this role, you’ll be in the best position to ask these questions out loud and your time will be spent digging deeper into situations and stories to get to the bottom of what really happened and why it occurred. In the role of a journalist, getting information from people is a key part of the job, and it requires curiosity along with empathy and sensitivity as you talk to the people involved and get information to put the story together.

Remote Work Options

Although there are many journalism career options where you’ll be working in the office if that suits you best, this job is also suitable for people who prefer the idea of remote working or flexible options for either working from the office or from home depending on what suits them best on a given day. Journalism is a role where you can choose to freelance rather than be employed if that suits you best, and many publications and news companies have now switched to remote and hybrid working options after the COVID-19 pandemic as it became fairly apparent that journalists do not have to be in the office to be effective at their job. If you want more freedom to take your work with you wherever you go or just prefer working in a comfortable home environment where you have everything that you need, then journalism might be a good career choice where you can make this happen.

Tell Stories

If you enjoy telling stories and are that friend in your group who always has the latest information to share with everybody else, journalism might be an ideal career choice for you. This career path allows you to make your living telling stories full-time. If you are the type of person who is a natural storyteller and find it easy to get people to open up to you and tell you their stories too, then working as a journalist might be a career that you can easily transition into once you have the right training and skills.

Discover Different Cultures

Becoming a journalist is a great way to expand your world and get to know people from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life. It can definitely force you to get out of your comfort zone and face things that you may not have otherwise had the chance to. Working in journalism is a role that can take you to new areas around the country or even the world that you may have never visited before. Along with this, it can also give you the chance to become more familiar with different cultures to your own, including different norms, traditions, and cuisines, while getting to know people from all walks of life that you may have never had the chance to cross paths with otherwise. If you are looking for a career that allows you to expand your horizons and allows you to do things, go to places, and interact with people that you would probably have never been able to meet outside of this career, then journalism might be a great option for you.

High Demand

Another great reason to choose a career in journalism is that there is a high demand for journalists around the world today. Over the past few decades, the journalist’s role has changed in a lot of different ways, going from mainly being print journalism in newspapers and magazines to an industry that is dominated by online content. There has been a huge interest in online and digital journalism, as many people today have easy access to the internet and online content is often free, which has led to most people now consuming news and online content online through apps, websites, and social media. These days, we live in an information age where there’s more information available at our fingertips, which has only heightened the demand for journalists.

Types of Journalism to Choose From

Another reason why you may want to choose a career in journalism is that there is a career type for everyone no matter your interests. Whether you want to write for websites and blogs, love the idea of seeing your name in the byline of the newspaper’s front page, want to broadcast the news on the TV, want to report on sports, or are interested in getting to the bottom of things, there are many different types of journalism to choose from. If you are a massive sports fan and love the idea of a career where you can keep up to date with the latest sporting stories and report them, then working in sports journalism might be an ideal choice for you. On the other hand, investigative journalism might be a great fit if you are naturally curious, love uncovering facts, and have a strong sense of justice while wanting to make sure that people understand the truth behind certain stories and situations.

Follow the Right Steps to Start a Media Company

Running a media company can be an interesting, exciting, and diverse career with many different opportunities to work in various types of journalism, be the first to know about the latest stories, and broaden your horizons with different experiences.

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