Why Every Entrepreneur Must Conduct an MVR Check When Hiring Employees

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  • Conducting MVR checks is essential when vetting a potential employee before hiring them.

The most important asset that any company can have is a quality, reliable, and loyal employee. Due to this, making a hiring decision is always incredibly important. When you are going to hire any type of employee, doing your proper diligence is important as it will give you insight into their experience and reputation.

For those who are looking to hire an employee, particularly if they are going to be driving a commercial vehicle, doing a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) check is very important. There are many reasons why you should perform an MVR check when hiring a new member on your team.

Know You Are Hiring Qualified and Safe Candidates

When you are hiring any employee to operate a truck or other commercial vehicle you are going to be placing a lot of trust in those people. You will want to know that these people are generally safe and qualified to take on this responsibility. During a MVR check, the process will carefully review the fully driving history of the person that you are considering. This will include providing you with a driving history report so you will know if the driver has a history of being involved in accidents or not. This way, you can avoid hiring people that are prone to accidents and focus on adding members that have a better record

Liability Limitation

Another reason that you should run a MVR is that it can help to provide some liability protection. If you have an employee that makes a mistake when operating a vehicle that results in an accident and damage, you and your company could be held liable. If it is determined that this individual is not properly licensed or has a history of being involved in such accidents, your liability risk could be much higher. When you run an MVR, it can help to reduce your liability risk and this consistent business practice could also help to reduce your liability insurance costs due to the risk reduction. 

Maintain Positive Company Reputation

Having a good business reputation continues to be very important for any business today. One part of this is having a reputation for safety and overall diligence. If your company gets a reputation for being involved in accidents, it could hurt your ability to find new customers and retain existing ones. However, when you have a strict hiring process that includes running MVR checks on potential employees, you can give customers assurances that you are doing your best to provide safe and quality service. This is then coupled with a lower likelihood of accidents, which can continue to improve your company’s reputation. 

Ongoing Monitoring

It is very important that you do proper background checks when you are going to hire a new employee. However, a driver’s standings and record can change after they are hired as well. It continues to be possible that a driver could get into an accident and even lose their license without your knowledge. Due to this, it continues to be a good idea to monitor your driver’s driving records even after they are hired. You can have these checks done automatically as frequently as you like, which ensures you continue to be aware of changes in driver profiles and can better manage the risk. 

When hiring any new employee to your team, you will be making a big investment in your company’s future. To ensure that you are making a wise hiring decision, using a Motor Vehicle Report checking service is very helpful. There are a variety of advantages that come when you do run a MVR check on a new team member.

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