3 Signs Why Your Employees Can’t Be Trusted

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Can you trust your employees? Having gone through the hiring process, the last thing you want is for members of your staff team to let you down. In this article, we will look at the possible signs suggesting members of your team can’t be trusted. We aren’t saying you need to fire them if you spot these signs, though you should deal with them before the problem gets any worse.

employees that can't be trusted

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1. They are continually absent

When an employee phones up sick, it’s reasonable to give them the day off. However, if this is a continual thing, something is clearly going on. On the one hand, they may be genuinely ill, or they may be suffering from work-based stress which causes them to suffer illness. In which case, talk to them about it. On the other hand, if they seem to be falling ill around certain days – team building day, staff conferences etc – you know they are probably being dishonest. Illness isn’t the only reason why an employee can be absent, so if you have people on your team who regularly come up with excuses for staying off work, they need to be dealt with. Surely they don’t have that many great aunts popping their clogs?

2. They are dishonest

dishonest employees

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There are loads of ways an employee can be dishonest, and we aren’t necessarily talking about detection of corporate fraud. Of course, if that was the case, you do need to deal with the issue, such as bringing in a fraud investigation team. However, dishonesty reveals itself in other ways. Telling lies is one way, such as taking credit for somebody else’s work, or spreading malicious lies about you or other members of your team. Stealing is another matter that needs to be dealt with immediately. If an employee is dishonest, behind your back or to your face, you know you can’t trust them to be on the team. In most instances, they will be guilty of gross misconduct, and you are better off without them. You need to investigate the issue thoroughly, before taking action however, as you do need evidence to support your claims.

3. They are prone to gossip

A little bit of office gossip is normal, and can be harmless. However, it can also breed bad feelings among co-workers, especially if said gossip is about anybody else in the office. It may even be about you. In some cases, the gossip may be true, but is it fair to talk about somebody else in a negative and scandalous way? Privacy is important, and your team need to have respect for the people they are working for. Gossip can harm a person’s reputation, including your own. If you hear an employee gossiping at work, they may be doing the same outside of work as well, and as we all know, the game of Chinese whispers begins. What began as a harmless whisper could become toxic if allowed to spread amongst others. Using your best judgment, know what bits of gossip are harmful or harmless, and take action if things are going too far.

Final word

You need to have confidence in your team, and if they do show any of the signs above, it does need to be dealt with. If you are the boss, then BE the boss, and let them know that certain behavior won’t be tolerated. With procedures in place, you will have firm ground to stand on when it comes to discipline. Hopefully, with a few warnings in place, your employees will toe the line for their sake as well as your own.

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