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Why Using a Staffing Company Makes Dollars and Sense

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staffing-companyA staffing agency can help your company find top talent quickly, easily, and economically. Many companies underestimate the amount of help and savings they can get when they rely on a staffing agency to help them fill in temporary jobs or provide them with suitable candidates who can then be hired full-time.

Millions of temporary and contract employees work for a wide spectrum of staffing companies during an average week. It’s easy for a company to gain a competitive edge by finding the right candidates through a staffing agency. Electronic signature for staffing companies streamlines the entire recruiting process.

7 Reasons Why Using a Staffing Agency Is a Smart Economic Decision

Here are 7 reasons why working with a staffing agency to hire the right people for your company makes perfect sense:

  1. Staffing agencies make it faster and easier to hire excellent temporary help.

If your business does not need to hire someone full-time, but only seasonally or for a time-bound project, it can be difficult to hire high-quality temporary help. Since the staffing agency has already prescreened candidates, they can quickly provide your company with workers who have the right education, experience, and skillsets for your temporary work needs.

  1. Staffing agencies can substitute for a small HR staff.

If a small company has only a few HR staff members, they may be too busy with administrative tasks to efficiently handle the process of advertising, reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates. A staffing agency takes over the role of finding the right candidate for the job, freeing up a company’s HR staff to focus on other issues.

  1. Staffing agencies ease the pressure on full-time staffers.

A small company may have employees who have to overproduce just to keep up with the pace of business. This results in employee burnout from overwork, a loss of productivity and diminishing financial returns over time.

When employees are forced to do more work than they can handle, working with an overloaded schedule, this can increase sick days and even turnover as employees feel overwhelmed. Bringing in extra hands can relieve the burden on an overworked staff. When full-time employees can refocus on the work they do best, their productivity will go up and their focus on their expertise will improve the company’s bottom line results.

  1. Staffing agencies make it easier to get to know candidates before offering them a full-time position.

Often someone may have the right level of education and experience to do the job but they don’t fit into the corporate culture because of their personality. It’s often difficult to select the perfect person for the job based on the interview process alone.

If a company has already hired them as a full-time staff member, it’s difficult to find legal reasons to let the person go. A staffing agency can provide candidates willing to work on a temp-to-permanent basis. A company does not have to commit to making a permanent job offer. This arrangement allows both parties—the candidate and the company—to decide whether the job is a good fit.

  1. Staffing agencies help a company avoid unemployment claims.

A temporary employee is hired by the staffing agency rather than the business. As a result, if the person is not a good fit, they can’t file for unemployment. The staffing agency will simply assign them to another company if a position with a client company does not work out.

This arrangement which works for all parties. As a result, a business will not have to increase its operating costs to cover the expense of an unemployment claim. In addition, a company’s human resource staff will not have to spend a considerable amount of time processing unemployment claims with the Department of labor.

  1. Staffing agencies decrease the cost of hiring someone.

Since a temporary worker is an employee of the staffing agency rather than the business they are assigned to work in, many costs associated with hiring a permanent full-time employee, like health benefits and paid vacations don’t have to be paid.

In addition, a company can cut back on the overtime costs it may be paying for a full-time employee. With more help available, it’s not necessary to ask employees to do overtime work.

Finally, it’s not necessary to commit to providing an employee a 40 hour workweek and find tasks to keep them busy when work is slow. A temporary staff member will only work when needed.

  1. Staffing agencies can help provide a temporary employee to fill in for someone on vacation.

When a full-time employee goes on vacation, maternity leave, or a sabbatical, this can leave a void in the company. A staffing agency can help fill in the gap, providing an excellent temporary worker to cover the work that still has to be done.

An Underestimated Resource

Unlike inhouse corporate recruiters they can be more successful in helping your company hire the talent you need.

This can happens for two reasons:

First, while your HR staff has a lot on their plate other than finding talent, a staffing agency has fewer assignments and can be more focused.

Second, they are paid based on results, which is a huge incentive. As a result, they value efficiency. They not only work with a large database of potential candidates and electronic signature for staffing companies can turn paperwork around quickly.

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