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3 Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process

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In order for your business to continuously see growth and success, hiring the right employees is crucial. The right recruiting solutions can make all the difference in the type of individuals who will respond to job advertisements.

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Why is it so important to make your hiring process as efficient and effective as possible? First, the average cost of hiring someone new to a company is about $4,000. The average cost to replace an employee can cost about $15,000. Choosing the right employee is an investment, but choosing one that will remain with your company for a long period of time is the more financially-sound decision.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three ways you can improve your overall hiring process. These tips are designed to make the process more streamlined and effective for you while helping to ensure you’re considering the best candidates for your open positions.

1. Have a Strong Brand Presence

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the right applicants from the start is to make sure you have a strong brand. It’s important for potential hires to know what your business is all about and who you are.

When your brand identity is unmistakable, people who aren’t on board with it are less likely to apply for positions you might be offering. This can “weed out” a lot of potential applicants right away.

Even in your job description, be sure to focus on your brand, your expectations, and the type of work environment employees can expect. When you’re as detailed as possible, you’ll receive applications from people who are truly interested in working for your company and building your brand even more.

2. Focus On Personality

An impressive resume is always tempting. But almost anyone can learn skills. Personality is not a learned trait.

Once you start to narrow down your potential hires, it’s time to start looking at more than what a piece of paper can give you. If someone isn’t a good fit for your company, all of the skills and knowledge in the world won’t be beneficial. That’s why the interview process is so important. Learning more about someone’s personality and how they might get along with the rest of your team is truly one of the best ways to determine if they’re the right person for the job.

It will ensure their own happiness and wellbeing, too. Employees who are happy at work are more likely to be productive and motivated. If they feel like they don’t fit in, it will create more stress and they likely won’t get as much done.

3. Be Honest In Your Interviews

It’s important for potential hires to be prepared as they go into an interview. But, it’s equally important for the interviewer to be prepared with some hard-hitting questions, as well as open and honest information about your business.

Remember, you’re trying to avoid turnover as much as possible. No employee wants to start working for a business only to find out it wasn’t what they thought it would be after a few weeks.

Be as clear as possible during your interview process. Explain what it’s like to work for the company and what an employee can expect each day. Encourage your interviewee to ask questions, even if they might be embarrassed by them. The more information you can give them now, the less likely it will be for them to feel overwhelmed or confused as they start the job.

The hiring process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, by keeping these tips in mind, it can be exciting, knowing you’ve got the best resources available to find the perfect people that will keep your business growing.

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