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5 Ways To Maximize Productivity In Your Home Office

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As explored in our article here at, there are many advantages to having a home office for your business. However, you need to be careful. Working from your home can play havoc with your productivity, and your earnings will suffer as a result. With that in mind, here are some simple to ways to maximize the time you spend working at home.

Maximize Productivity

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1. Designate an office space

If you have room for a home office, then go for it. Working in your living room is no good, especially with the tv sat in the corner. Anywhere with regular foot traffic is going to interrupt your work flow too. Therefore, it’s important to find somewhere in your home, where it’s you, your workload, and as much peace and quiet as you need. Let people know your working hours as well, so as to avoid costly interruptions.

2. Design your office space

Considering this is your work environment, you won’t be motivated if anything causes you to struggle with your workload. Therefore, the way you design the space needs to promote a good working atmosphere. Light is particularly important, so it’s important to have as much natural lighting as possible when working in the day. Sun glare can be an issue, but you can buy blinds and shutters online at to alleviate the problem. Your seating is another major factor, especially if you are sat at the computer for several hours a day. Buying something ergonomic, giving you maximum comfort, is important. The article at will give you other useful tips for your office design.

3. Set your work hours

If you are working for yourself, this shouldn’t be a problem. You do need to be fairly rigid, however, as you may be liable to clock off early or begin late if nobody is watching you. To ensure your productivity throughout the week, set a starting time and end time for your working day. Stick to it as much as possible, while still benefiting from a little of the flexibility that a home office can bring you when need arises.

4. Block distractions

You may have blocked out the distraction of other people and the tv, but there are still other distractions awaiting you in your home office. Social media is one, as is the general use of the internet. You can download blocking software if this becomes a problem, shutting you out of set websites for a particular time period. Be sure to turn your phone off too, unless you are reliant on it for business calls.

5. Focus your time

Some of the best time-management apps can be found at, so download something that suits your needs. Of course, you might also make a simple to-do list, or add items to your computer’s calendar, allowing you to let certain tasks take precedence over others. Particularly because you’re at home, a lot of time can be wasted on tasks that are less important, so focus your time well, ensuring you get the most from each working day.


Working from home doesn’t suit everybody, but if this is for you, we hope our advice helped. Now, unless you are reading this after work hours, close the page and get back to work – #distractions!

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