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4 Ways to Solidify Your Company Branding

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We’re living in an age where branding is key. It’s not just the products or services that you sell that is important; it’s how you present yourself, your broader mission, and the overall feel of your company that’s important. As such, it’s important that you’re dedicating time to establish your branding in the early days of your company. Then and when you’re trading, it’s important that your branding is watertight. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested methods of solidifying your branding in the eyes of your customer.

Office Space

Where you work isn’t just a place where you make things happen; it’s a reflection of your broader company culture. All too often, companies get bogged down in the external aspects of their branding, and forget that an inconsistent office design has the ability to undermine your branding. If you’re a forward-thinking, trendy business, then you should have an office design that speaks to these qualities — a traditional and bland office space wouldn’t work with this image. When it comes to the design process, ask yourself “is this look consistent with how we’re presenting our company to the public”?

Host an Event

An event is an excellent way to showcase your branding to your customers and business partners, because they allow you to go more in-depth into the various aspects of your business, and also to tie all your different missions neatly into one evening. Why you choose to host an event depends on the type of business: it could be a celebration of success, a charity fundraiser, or a way to thank the people you work with. You’ll need to take a look at corporate event spaces that reflect your style (more traditional, more modern, etc.), and then plan the event properly. Like with your office, make sure that the aesthetic and theme of the event is in line with the broader view of your business.

Right Employees

When it comes to hiring employees, you shouldn’t only look at their resume and what they can bring to your business. You should check that their character is in line with your branding. Your workers are, after all, ambassadors for your business. If there’s someone on your team who doesn’t believe in your branding, then eventually it’ll show — and it could undermine what you’re trying to achieve.

Watertight Content

Most companies take the time to establish an aesthetic look and feel for their content that is in line with their branding. But then they often do things that undermine the power of that branding by lacking consistency. If you update your designs, then make sure every piece of external and internal communication is updated to reflect those changes. Branding works on repetition and expectation, and it can be jarring if a company isn’t always showcasing the same images, tone, and other style choices. Everything from postcard design to social media creatives must say the same story about your company. 

Whatever you do, make sure your branding flows through everything at your company at a design level, rather than as a token afterthought.

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