4 Tips to Design Percent Employee Uniforms to Bolster a Brand

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Once you have your business plan finished, your funding is in, your location is chosen, and all you need is staff – there is one last thing. You need to design their uniforms. If you are in an office, you can still create some apparel for them. Many corporations have a range of jumpers, mugs, and stationery with the branding on it.

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There are a lot of benefits to having a uniform too. It gives a sense of belonging to staff, and while they are on the shop floor or at a client meeting, they are representing your brand too. Uniforms and branded apparel used to be a bit stuffy, but the focus is now on quality, comfort, and fashion. It should be comfortable to wear and fit a range of sizes too.

Other perks:

  • Brand awareness – because your brand is out in the world people will see the logo, a trust will be built
  • Free advertising
  • Professional image
  • Create a better team feeling – equality in the dress code


There are colors that you associate with specific brands. Like brown/tan and yellow – you would think of a particular delivery company. Primary colors on a word, you’d think of a well-known internet search provider. So, the colors you choose will matter. If you have a few colors in your logo, then that is the logical place to look for uniform colors – just be mindful that not all colors translate on to garments well. You can add branded morale patches to the sleeves or the front pocket area too.


This will play one of the most significant parts of the quality that you will be able to get. A reasonable amount of your budget should be invested in the work uniform. You will need to buy a range of sizes – with the option to order more substantial or smaller at a later date. It is easy to get carried away and order countless items. But just consider what the most essential items will be. A jacket, a polo shirt, or button-down shirts are the usual ones. With people able to wear their own trousers.

Working Conditions

The type of industry you work in will be what has the most impact on what you can order. For example, if your staff are in a factory setting, then a shirt and tie aren’t going to be the best options. What they do on a daily basis should be the guide for what is acceptable. Office environments call for blouses, ties, and even a simple name badge with the logo on it. Breathable fabric is a must no matter where the uniform is worn.

Ethical Issues

While it might be tempting to buy in bulk from overseas – due to the price, you would be better to find somewhere more local that can design what you need. Manufacturing in bulk abroad often has some ethical implications, and if you care about brand reputation (and you do), you should always do the ethical thing.

Creating a uniform for your team is a fun endeavor that, when done correctly, will give your business a professional look for years to come.

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