Spending Money On The Staff You NEED, Not The Staff You Don’t

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Almost every business start-up that begins to gain some traction in their industry does so under the watchful eye of an attentive business owner. Branching out from being the sole worker and leader in your company isn’t always easy; especially if you are the sort of manager who finds it difficult to let go of a little control. The idea of bringing on more employees is often a daunting one and not just because it means sharing your success and taking on the ideas of other people. Employees cost a company money. Salaries, training, benefits, insurance, additional workspaces and investments in technology – you name it, you can list it as a business cost when you bring in new people. Financially, you need to look after your business and to do that, you have to assess what staff you actually need to hire, rather than just hire a bunch of people that you hope will add to your company.

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When it comes to choosing the staff that your business needs, you first need to look at sizing. How big is your company and how big do you want it to get? When you’re deciding this, you need to be realistic about your expansion plans for the future. There isn’t going to be a need to hire in an entire floor staff of salespeople if you aren’t going to be openly selling a product – this is why assessing your needs first is very important. Some businesses benefit from having a front of house receptionist to meet and greet clients and visitors, other businesses see the financial benefits in outsourcing to the best virtual office in the local area. It’s important to know where you can find the best employees that compliment what you do, and while there are basics to think about from accounting to IT, you may choose not to have an admin team.

Companies across the globe have been affected by recessions, less than ideal economic climates and it’s usually the smaller business that get hit the hardest in these times. You need to be quick to adapt in any situation for your business, and for that you need to know what employees you should be packing into your business. People are the biggest resource for your business, but if you are haemorrhaging money on staff that don’t bring anything to the table for you, you’re not running your business particularly well. When you want to bring extra people into your company, they have to be the right people. There are some employee types that your business needs, and then there are those that your business does not need. Finding a great team that can support your business is a challenge, but it’s an important challenge to face head on. You need an eclectic and unique set of employees that can work well together and that includes the personality match in the people you bring on. We’ve put together some of the best employee ‘types’ that your business needs to succeed:

The Mentor

Usually, this is you. You’re the head of the company and you’re the ultimate leader. You are the person that says what goes where. However, you need to think about who will train, lead and manage your people. Most large organizations have someone on board to handle individual employee development programs, and while you may be a great leader, you may not be the person born to teach the masses. Having someone working alongside you to train the people in your organization and keep them buoyant and motivated is important.

The Passionate One

Passion cannot be gleaned upon when you read a resume. It’s not a skill that one can learn and it’s not something you gain by experience. It’s a genuine desire to do well in the field and when you bring someone on, whether through the finance team or marketing desk, you need to bring those who have great passion. If you are able to find someone that is truly passionate about what they do, you’re lucky! It’s rare that you can find an experienced, educated and passionate individual who wants to bring something new to your table.

The Entrepreneur

Of course, in your company you are the central entrepreneur that pushes for success. However, hiring a similar personality type to yours is not a bad thing. You should know that an entrepreneur is a skilled and critical thinker who strives for success. You cannot have your eyes on the prize at every given minute of a working day, so you really need to work with someone who can do that for you. Having someone to bounce ideas off of, to compare thoughts and opinions and to compare notes with is important for you as a business leader. Entrepreneurs, as you know, are egotistical. There has to be a certain level of egomania to succeed as a leader and push a company to the top of its game. There may be some clashes of personality when it comes to hiring a similar personality type to your own, but that can be overcome.

The Teammate

Every company needs good team players and even having just one person to help push your people together and into a team is a recipe for success. Team players always care about other members of the company, so they will usually be willing to go the extra mile for your company at all times. You want to hire people who work well together, and team players are always passionate about teamwork!

Your company depends on the people that you hire. You should spend your budget for HR and hiring on the people your company needs and not the people you feel you should have. Think carefully and make smart choices about the personality types you want to introduce to your company, and you can ensure that you have the right people on board at all times. There’s no need to waste your cash if you plan carefully and think ahead!

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