Four Common Office Complaints From Employees

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Your company’s office will be one of the most important things for your employees. It’s where they will spend their entire day working, so you need to make sure that it is an optimum space where productivity and hard work can flourish. If it isn’t, then I’m sure your employees will lodge quite a few complaints and their motivation will drop steeply.

common complaints of office worker

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To make sure that your office is always up to scratch and a practical workspace, it’s best to try to pre-empt any possible complaints that your employees might have and try to tackle the issues before anyone else brings them up. Here are some of the most common office complaints from employees that most businesses have to deal with.

It’s Too Cramped

Are you sure that your office is large enough for the number of staff working in it? If not, then your employees could feel quite cramped and squashed together. Not only will this make for a very uncomfortable workspace, but it will also reduce their privacy. For example, when someone is on the phone, everyone around them will be able to hear their every word. Once you start hiring more staff, it’s always worth reviewing your office space to see if you will need to move into a larger space to accommodate everyone.

The Water Isn’t Drinkable

Most offices are located on industrial or business estates. Unfortunately, the water supply to these kinds of areas isn’t always that great. If the water through your taps is undrinkable, it could be worth looking for some zero valent iron for water treatment. If you are in an old office block, you might want to call out a plumber to take a look at your office’s plumbing. Old pipes might need to be replaced as well in order to improve the water supply. If you sort this out, then your employees won’t have to rely on bottled water all the time, which will cause their use of plastic to rise.

It’s Too Noisy

Lots of large offices have issues with noise levels. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to solve as many workers have different preferences – some will need near silence to concentrate while others will prefer a bit of a buzz in the background. If this is the case in your office, it’s best to split people up into different rooms so that the people who prefer quiet can work together.

It’s Not Accessible

These days, all public spaces should try to be as accessible for everyone so that wheelchair users and other people with mobility issues can access them. This is also the case for your office – if it is accessible, then you will be able to benefit from a diverse team of employees. To make it more accessible, make sure there are some disabled parking spaces close to the main entrance. Install a lift or stair lift is there isn’t already one up to the higher floors.

Let’s hope you never hear any of the above complaints about your office!

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