Shipping Container Offices: 15 Awesome Ideas for Your Next Office Space

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From tiny homes to off-grid trailers, non-traditional living arrangements are all the rage these days. But have you considered using a non-traditional workspace?

If the thought of heading to the office every day is getting old, shake things up by switching to shipping container offices. These offices are exactly what they sound like–offices built from shipping containers.

The idea alone is fun, but there’s so much you can do with a shipping container office. Keep reading for 15 awesome ideas that will make your new office space even better.

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1. Choose a Bright Color

Working from a shipping container is awesome in and of itself. But you can make it even more fun by choosing an awesome colored container. Equipment Management Services states that choosing the right color is the most important thing for many people looking for an office. This is backed by a lot of research on the psychology of color in branding.

Why work from a plain old gray office when your workspace could be a vibrant red or blue instead?

2. Keep Your Vision Clear

You may not be in a typical office, but you still have business goals. So, make sure your company’s mission statement is still visible and viewed often.

Display that mission statement boldly on one of the main walls of your office. Every employee should know it by heart. Your customers will appreciate knowing it, too.

3. Have Fun with the Layout

Get creative when planning your office space. You aren’t confined to a traditional office, so don’t be afraid to be non-traditional in your design!

Do you want your office to be one big open room? Or broken into smaller work areas? The choice is up to you!

4. Use Multiple Containers

You aren’t limited to only one container when creating your office. If you require the space, or you simply want it, don’t be afraid to use more than one container.

Lay containers right next to each other, or go for a more exciting design. Why not stack them on top of each other?

5. Keep a Lookout

Give your office a playground-like feel by adding several large, round lookout windows. You’ll love seeing what’s going on outside and visitors will love looking in.

Or really live up the “shipping” aspect of your new office and make those round windows look like portholes! No matter changes you make to your office space, you want to make sure it’s a fun place for you to work on a daily basis.

6. Choo-Choose the Train Look

Do you love trains? That can be incorporated into your new office in a cinch. Thanks to your box-car-looking office, you can actually turn your office into a train.

Simply line up a few shipping containers and add some ornamental wheels and other train-esque decor. If you can afford to go all out, stick a locomotive out in front, real or made of something fun.

7. Build a Wooden Office

Do you prefer the look of a wooden office over a metal one? You can still use a shipping container. Use the container as a sturdy frame, then build your wooden office around it. You can even add wood slats on the interior if you want a totally wooden look.

8. Go for the Classic Look

If you love the look and feel of a classic office but you don’t like the high-rise lifestyle, you can give your office that classic look. Simple add drywall, some nice desks and furniture, and spruce up the outside if you want.

You can have all the same electronics and perks you’d have in a regular office. But you’ll have a unique workspace that can be placed just about anywhere.

9. Add a Central Stairway

If your office will have multiple levels, consider adding a central area for stairs. Simple place your containers end to end then build an atrium or totally enclosed area in the center to hold your stairs.

10. Get Some Fresh Air

Windows are great, but balconies are even better. And you can add those to your office. If you’re creating a small container office complex, why not include a balcony for each private office? Your co-workers or employees will love you for it.

11. Install Floating Storage

Who says storage has to sit on the floor? Shake things up by installing shelving containers directly into the walls. The floating look will bring fun and character to your new office space.

Try arranging your floating storage boxes in different patterns in each room to keep things even more interesting.

12. Add Mirrors

Storage containers can feel small, but there are ways to make the space feel bigger. If you’d like to expand the feel of your workspace, try adding a mirror or two. Mirrors will give the illusion of more space, so they’re great for small areas.

And they’ll keep you looking your best for your customers, too!

13. Use Unique Dividers

If you’d like to keep your employees in one location but give them their own work areas, consider adding unique dividers. These can be way more fun than standard cubicles.

Plants, bead walls, or glass dividers break up space while still leaving a flowing feeling since they’re not solid barriers. Encourage communication between team members by allowing them to see each other.

14. Add a Social Spot

Help your team members to get to know each other by providing a hang-out spot. Whether it’s used for break times only or also for team-wide get-togethers, your team will love having a gathering place.

15. Hit the Gym

You may not be in a typical office building but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the company gym! Feel free to install a mini workout room (or a big one!) to help your team stay healthy and active.

Shipping Container Offices: Endlessly Versatile

No matter how you look at it, shipping container offices are a great way to show off your creativity. Have some fun and make your office design stand out

Your team will love working from a unique location. So, what are you waiting for? Start designing your own shipping container office today.

Don’t forget to protect your office! Click here to learn some helpful tips for keeping your workspace safe.

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