Why New Companies Are Saying No To Office Space

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Moving into an office might seem like a rite of passage for many company owners. However, it isn’t always necessary. In fact, new technology has made it possible to run a successful business with employees from home. Here are just a few reasons why more businesses are doing without an office.

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Cloud technology has made it easy to share information from any location

You no longer need an office in order for people to share information easily. Companies such as Le-Vel Thrive have made use of the Cloud and grown into successful businesses with a large workforce. Cloud technology allows files to be stored on a remote server that people can access from any location. This makes it possible for employees to work from their home and all access the same files.

Video-communication software is more convenient than in-person meetings

You don’t need an office to host clients or have meetings with employees. Video-communication has made it possible for all parties to talk face-to-face from any location. It’s possible to host job interviews this way or even host conferences use Skype’s group chat feature. This can be more convenient than regular meetings as no-one has to spend time and money travelling.

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You can re-route postage to a virtual address

If you don’t want to disclose you home address to clients but need to receive physical mail, you can now use a virtual address. Your mail is directed to a virtual mailing company such as Regus with a city address – this company then sends the mail from there to your address. Forms, documents and contracts meanwhile can be sent via email.

There are less distractions

You might consider there to be more distractions working from home, but in fact an office can sometimes have more distractions. Many offices have an open plan layout that encourages employees to talk to one another – whilst this can result in quicker communication, it can also affect concentration when it comes to certain types of work. Certain people may need the stimulus of other people, but there’s always the option to go work in a coffee bar or a library or a shared office space.

It’s much cheaper

The main advantage of not renting office space is the cost saved. Office rent and bills can be one of the biggest overheads when running a business. There are also other costs to consider such as office equipment and furniture. All of these expenses are saved by running a business virtually. You may have to supply certain software for employees in some cases, but you won’t have to fork out on chairs and desks and computers.

A lack of commute leads to happier staff

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Having an office space means that people have to leave their homes and face the daily commute. Multiple studies have found that commuting can be stressful and bad for our health. It can also add up costs for you and your employees – unless they’re in cycling distance, they’ll likely have to drive or take a train. Being able to finish breakfast and then get started with work straight away is less stressful for everyone.

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