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Make Your Customers Feel Welcome With These Helpful Tips

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If your clients and customers feel welcome, relaxed and happy when they visit your store, workshop or business premises, the chances are they will stay longer, come back more frequently, and, ultimately, spend more money. Here are a few tips on how to create a more welcoming environment for your business.

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Smiling Staff

The best thing you can do to make anyone feel welcome in your business premises is simple – just smile. If you and your employees can find a way to smile when customers come in, even when things aren’t going too well, you will see sales go up, without question. And don’t forget the phones or your online presence, either. Train your staff to smile when taking and making calls and the chances are that customers will respond positively.

Appearance Is Important

Clutter, messy areas, low-stocked shelves, untidy uniforms – all of these and many more besides are big turn-offs for anyone coming into your business premises. The simple truth is that a sparkling workshop or store is a lot more enticing than the opposite. Don’t forget about your external decor and your parking lot, either. These are the first impressions your customers will have of your business and will set the tone for their moods.

Sweet Smell = Success

It goes without saying that a store that has a slightly distasteful whiff about it will encourage clients and customers to leave as soon as possible. A flow of fresh air is essential, and if you are still struggling try something like a scent fragrance diffuser. Watch out for employees, here, too – poor personal hygiene can be an issue if left unchecked.

100% Focus on Customer

It’s vital to ensure you train your staff to give customers their full attention. Distracted employees are another big turn-off, and you will lose customers. Don’t leave people waiting around while staff have a cozy chat with each other, and ensure that any queues are dealt with as soon as physically possible. Giving your customers your complete ear is a great way of finding out new trends and identifying potential problems with your business, too.

Mind Your Manners

Not every customer will come into your store, workshop or premises with good news or a delightful mood. The reality for all business owners is that there will always be cranky folks looking to cause trouble, kick up a stink, or make a big complaint. It is essential that you and your employees learn how to deal with these complaints in a polite and well-mannered way – at all times. Even if the other party is being unreasonable, any spats in a public place will be seen by others – and how you react will be remembered.

Making your clients and customers feel welcome is essential if you want to run a successful business. And there are a multitude of tactics to employ to keep them onside, happy, and willing to return again. It’s vital to remember that any slip-ups can be amplified by a significant amount, and you don’t just run the risk of losing one customer – it could be a lot more than you think.

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