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How to Easily Encourage Employee Retention

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Though technology and automation have improved business processes infinitely, it has not taken away the human element. It takes real, authentic relationship building to succeed as a company because, while automation can help speed things up, it will never take the place of human communication. Machines will also never be able to concoct meaningful strategies based on the human experience.

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The human element of your business is never going to go away, but there are ways you can improve both productivity and employee retention. All you need to do is follow this guide:

Care for Their Physiological Needs

An unhealthy employee is not going to do their best. If anything, they only task they will truly accomplish in is either infecting others or worsening their own health. This doesn’t just mean that they have contracted a virus. Eating unhealthy foods, dealing with chronic stress, and even struggling to get a good night’s sleep will all impact their productivity. You can improve their health and their work ethic if you:

1. Help Them Eat Healthier

Create a great break room where they can escape to. This room should be comfortable, and have all the amenities they need to reheat or put together their lunch properly. This will encourage them to bring home-made meals from home.

Another benefit you can offer is free tea, coffee, and healthy snacks like fruit to keep them fueled throughout the day.

2. Know How to Better Their Breaks

Encourage every one of your employees to leave their desk during their break. This will help reduce work fatigue and allow them to return after their break fully refreshed and ready to go.

3. Improve the Office Environment

Natural light and clean air will do wonders for keeping your employees healthy and alert. If your office is dark, add mirrors to reflect light. As for air quality, try relying on air-purifying plants first. These will add some greenery to your office, promoting both wellbeing and their health.

It is, of course, up to your employees to take full advantage of these benefits, but just giving them the opportunity should help them improve their physical health.

Use Technology to Provide Easy Benefits

Other benefits you can offer that will boost employee loyalty and help them work more efficiently include:

1. Making Admin Work Easier

Automate a lot of simple tasks, and your employees will be spared of a massive headache and monotonous workdays. Instead, they can focus on bigger challenges that require a more creative approach to handle.

2. Allowing Them to Receive Payments When They Need Them

There are plenty of businesses out there that will advance their pay check to help them pay for an emergency cost or a much-needed bill. These companies also come with high-interest rates. With the power of technology, however, waiting until payday is a thing of the past. You can enroll your business into an employee benefits scheme with Haystee Pay. It integrates with your payroll software and then provides your employees an invitation link. They can then take advances on their pay check directly.

3. Improving Communication

Cloud computing means employees can work on documents simultaneously, reducing the back-and-forth frustration found in emails.

There are many simple benefits that you can offer, and to narrow down which ones you should invest in you should ask your employees. That way you can give them a benefit that they all truly want.

Offer Learning Opportunities

Employees want to feel like they are advancing, and one of the best ways to help them feel that accomplishment while simultaneously improving your workforce as a whole is to offer different learning opportunities. You can offer shadowing opportunities, or you can sponsor their further education at school, or by paying for them to attend different workshops or classes.

Hire from Within First

Always prioritize hiring from within for promotions or new positions. This will show your employees you care about them, and give them a reason to stay and work hard. If every new position is given to outside talent first, then you give them the message that they have no future with you.

Improving employee retention is how you can save your business money in the long run and still enjoy a more talented, loyal workforce. In many cases improving employee retention is as easy as caring. Care about their needs, care about their home life problems, care about their concerns, and care about what they have to say. Communication and teamwork are what will help your company succeed.

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