Creating A Modern Office Renovation That Brings The Employees Together

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Part of the relocation process is about finding a building that suits your business needs. When relocating your business, there are so many different things to consider, such as the central location, but also if it’s conducive to productivity. Usually, space is the defining factor in looking for the suitable location, but also, you need to think about whether the perfect building can help to bring the employees together. While modern businesses like Google are hot on this aspect, what can you do as part of an office renovation, to ensure that you are creating a workspace that nurtures productivity and togetherness?

Easy access to every part of the building

Of course, not just for the fact that you might have employees that rely on the use of a lift, but if you choose a building that has many different floors, and you have a crammed itinerary, you need to consider the overall flow of the space. You need to get to point C by point A and point B as quickly as possible. There are so many contractors that can help with this, Lift Works lift installations work with commercial businesses to install lifts and elevators so they don’t overwhelm the space. But it doesn’t have to be an elevator, you might want to go down a different route altogether, but it depends on the working space. You need to be able to access every part of the building as quickly as possible, so this is not just about the blueprint, but also thinking logically about how every member of staff can get around quickly and without fuss.

While on the topic of elevators, you may also want to consider an Elevator Smoke Curtain to reduce the spread of potential smoke and fires throughout your building.

Collaborative spaces

Because you need your staff to work together, and gel more as a team, this is one of the best options you can go for. If you are designing an open office, creating as many different options for collaborative working as possible will help to foster this approach to productivity. Shunning cubicles in favor of benches will be one simple way of encouraging people to work together better.

Individual working spaces

By the same token, there needs to be an option for private working, especially for those that need to work by themselves. Collaboration is great in a thriving and dynamic young business, but this does contribute to excessive noise levels. By installing booths, specifically for those individual staff members that need to cook the books, script a speech or report, or just need 30 minutes to focus intently on something, private working spaces are a godsend in the modern business.

Good quality breakout rooms

And while we all require our staff to work as hard and fast as possible, we need to make allowances to help their productivity. Every staff member can’t work flat out, they need adequate downtime. Breakout spaces don’t have to be extravagant affairs, but with having a few basic home comforts, this will help to inspire creativity, but also should aid relaxation. So, you need to make it look completely different to your workspace.

Creating a modern office renovation that bring the employees together is vital, and it’s out with the old in terms of sterile lighting and cubicles, and in with more inclusive and flexible office options.

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