Changes To Your Work Environment You Can Make To Improve Wellbeing

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Improving well-being in the workplace is key to making sure that your staff remain engaged and motivated. If you find that your employees are becoming disengaged or lacking motivation, then as an employer there are steps that you can take to make improve the mentality of your staff through your work environment. It’s all about looking after your staff to make sure they’re able to perform well and help benefit the business. Without the ideal working condition in your workplace, it’ll make it harder for them to work to the best of their ability. Consider some of these ideas which you can implement to help improve the wellbeing of your staff.

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Understand Your Vision

First and foremost, creating the correct atmosphere and culture around your office is likely to be received well by your team. Reflecting the brand values through your working environment helps to instill your core purposes as a business and what you stand for. Before writing your brief about the brand values, engage with your employees beforehand so you have an idea of the well-being levels of the staff at the moment. It can also make them less resistant to change in the future if their thoughts are considered beforehand. Having a brainstorm may also help with your staff feel more important, letting them know that you concern yourself with their thoughts and how they are.

Create A Brighter Office

Working in a dull and dark looking office can have a real impact on the mood of your employees. They’re more likely to feel unmotivated, decreasing productivity in the process. A simple method to brighten things up is by letting natural light through your office space. Opening blinds or having large windows can increase productivity by about 6% due to exposure of natural light and the biggest benefit of all, is it doesn’t cost a single penny. Seasonality wise, it’s also worth considering since it’s coming to the winter months and less natural light will be appearing in the office. Low vitamin D levels have been known to be linked to depression and weaker immune systems for employees which can affect concentration levels to the extent that they find it extremely difficult to perform simple tasks as part of their job.

Encourage Staff to Eat Away from Their Desk

It can be quite a popular activity for workers to eat at their desk when in their office, mainly because they bring food from home or they require to do work over their lunch. Although it can be a great way to make a good impression on employers, it’s important that workers take their focus away from their computers and give themselves a chance to recharge. They can revamp their concentration levels by taking a break away from their desk and gives them a chance to process their ideas and rest their eyes. Regular intervals taken throughout the day are essential in making sure they aren’t overworked and they can produce better quality work. Encourage them to step out of the office for a while and take in some fresh air, or provide them with a dining area that can help take their mind off work for a while before they come back ready to continue where they left off.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Believe it or not, the color scheme of your office can affect the type of work that your employees produce and their mood around the office. Your color palette gives off certain ideas and meaning that can either have a positive or negative effect on your workers. For example, the color yellow is known to increase creativity, whilst the color blue can help with focus. It’s ideal to have your color scheme reflect your brand identity but bear in mind the effect it can have in a working environment too. If you find it really difficult, white is always a safe option that can make your office appear bright and welcoming whilst adding splashes of color from your brand. Also, bear in mind the workspace that you’re looking to decorate. So, if you have a brainstorming room, you’d want to choose a color that will encourage creativity and boost productivity, like yellow.

Purchase the Correct Office Equipment

Discomfort for staff can prevent them from performing to the best of their ability. On average, workers sit down for about 9 hours a day when they work in an office. Sitting at a desk for long periods can cause stiffness in limbs and muscles, back pain and disrupt blood flow. To overcome this, make sure your staff are equipped with adjustable chairs and sit-stand stools if necessary, so they can feel comfortable in their working space. Providing your staff with the right equipment and tools can lead to less muscle pain and better focus on work.

Correct Ventilation

The air pollution indoors is just as important as the air polluted outdoors. Improving air quality in and around your office is likely to increase productivity and decrease the chance of illness and absences due to poor health. You don’t necessarily need fancy air conditioning and heating systems, just be sure that your ventilation systems work correctly at least. They’d require regular maintenance so that pollutants and chemicals that have built up can be removed easily. Naturally, you can also open the window from time to time to allow the air to circulate in the office. Indoor plants especially are a good ventilation tool whilst also add a nice touch to the interior design of the office, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in a cost-effective way.

The wellbeing of your staff should be a key factor to consider when thinking about business results. It’s fundamental to productivity and helps with keeping staff engaged to produce good quality work. Everything from the interior to the tools you provide your staff is all essentials of contributing towards your staff feeling comfortable and being able to perform to the best of their abilities.

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