4 Tactics To Make Your Offline Store As Good As Your Online One

It is incredibly easy for retailers to focus all of their energy into their online stores, and with a high percentage of sales coming from this source, it’s not hard to see why. However, brick and mortar shops certainly still have their place and need to be optimized for sales, just as your website is. To find out how to do this read the post below.

offline store to online
Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By RoseRodionova

Consider customer flow.

Floor plans area hugely important when it comes to the efficacy of your offline store. In fact, it is vital that you encourage customers to view your most popular products and flow around the store in a particular way.

This flow is not only crucial for sales but also for customer experience as visitors won’t be continually jostling each other or bumping into one another. Also, a spacious and well laid out floor plan can help to create a much more high-end atmosphere, rather than a bargain basement jumble-sale vibe that is unlikely to encourage customers to part with their hard-earned money for more costly items.

Don’t forget either to make use of the impulse buy. Something that can be harnessed by placing lower priced items right by the checkout and queues, so folks have easy access to them without losing their place in the line.

Have fixtures professionally fitted.

Next, to make your bricks and mortar store as productive as possible it is always wise to use a company like BCI Worldwide ffe that will fit your furniture, and fittings professionally. After all, your shop must represent your brand is the best possible way, so shoddy fixtures that break up the vibe you have created are no good here.

Remember too that your customer’s experience needs to be as flawless as possible for the entire time they are on their premises. This means the environment itself needs to be stylish and well executed as well.

Install digital signage.

Also, an essential part of ensuring that your real-life shop is effective for sales is to have a system where you can let customers know about exclusive offers or the feature of the product. Traditionally this is done via posters and banners, although a more 21st-century method of doing this is to install digital signage in your store.

Digital signal can be particularly useful in a shop environment because you can program different message and run different visuals and videos on it. All things that convey essential information to customers in a dynamic way.

Create feedback stations.

Lastly, a feature of online shopping that most people love is the ability to leave instant feedback on their experience, and the product.

Luckily, it is possible to offer this experience to customers in brick and mortar stores as well. To achieve this all you need to do is install a feedback stand or booth where customers can press a button to show how satisfied they are with their experience.  Something that can help to engage customers and mean the feel heard, making your offline store just as effective as you online one.