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Why You Need to Invest in a Professional Website Designer for Your Business Website

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Every modern business needs a website. In fact, any business today without an online presence would immediately be marked as being behind the times. But building a website isn’t as simple as many people think, especially when it is supporting a business.

Here are some of the top reasons that you should hire a professional designer for your business’ website.

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Project the Right Image

A professionally designed website will project the image of a professional company. On the other hand, a business who clearly hasn’t given much consideration or investment to their website will simply look like they don’t care a whole lot. First impressions count for a lot, so put yourself in the shoes of a first-time visitor to your website.

Think about the kind of things that cause you to make snap judgements about websites that you haven’t visited before. Your website should be enticing new visitors into becoming regulars, not putting them off your business.

Working with a professional web designer will give you the best chance of ending up with an effective website. For example, the Surrey-based web design agency Pelling Marketing by Design have more than 50 years of experience working with websites and have worked with some big brands, so they’d be an ideal choice. You can speak to the company beforehand about your individual needs and what you ultimately want for the website. Every business is different, as is every business owner. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and so it is in your interests to work with a designer who is flexible and not afraid to try new things.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

When consumers are looking online for a particular product or service online, they often don’t know exactly what they are looking for from the business they ultimately choose. As they look through the list of potential companies, there are a number of factors that will inform their final decision of who to give their business to.

Having a professional-looking and well-designed website on your hands can go a long way to differentiating your business from the competition. In some cases, a business notices their competition’s lack of a proper website as an angle they can potentially exploit.

If you want to have every possible advantage when competing with other businesses for web traffic, and you definitely do, then clearly having a professional website designer on your side will be an enormous boon.

Suffer Fewer Technical Issues

One of the biggest problems that businesses, especially smaller businesses face with their websites is ensuring effective technical support. If you have built a website internally, it will be up to you and your team to deal with any issues as and when they arise. This might be a tenable position while the business and website are relatively small. However, if your business undergoes any significant growth, this job could quickly become too much to handle in-house.

When you hire an agency to produce a website for you, there will often be some kind of guarantee of technical support included as part of the deal. This means that should any issues arise with your website for any reason, the web designers will troubleshoot and help repair the issue.

Of course, when you hire a professional outfit to design and code your website, you are already significantly decreasing the rate at which issues will arise. In this sense, the investment you make in securing a professional web design team will be, at least partially, offset by the lower long-term maintenance costs.

Open Other Revenue Streams

Your website can serve a variety of different functions for your business. As well as providing a communications point between you and your customers, and acting as a sales platform in many cases, a business’ website can be used in a number of different ways to bring in more money for the business.

Advertising is the most obvious additional revenue stream. The more traffic your website is generating, the more tempting it will be to advertisers, and the higher the price you can charge for space. A professional web designer will consider SEO as part of the design process. Most of the factors that determine a website’s SEO score, such as link-backs, require your website to be live.

However, it stands to reason that a more attractive, more functional, and better-designed website will have an easier time attracting and retaining new users. As part of the preliminary discussions you have with your designers, make sure to discuss with them your plans for the future of your website. If you are hoping to turn it into a revenue source at some point, it will help to have all the architecture in place from the beginning.

A business’ website is one of its most important, and valuable, assets. And yet, there are a surprising number of businesses who still don’t seem to appreciate the importance of the digital space. We’ve all stumbled across those business websites that look like they haven’t been updated since the 90’s, but only a tiny fraction of us would spend their money at such a place. A professional website designer will ensure that your website is deployed to maximum effect.

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