How to Work from Anywhere in the World

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Given the number of jobs that now only require a laptop, access to the internet and the ability to self-motivate, you can now work from anywhere in the world and still earn the same money as you would at home. This means that whether you want to take up a glamorous Monaco residency, go Down Under for BBQs on the beach or live in a mountain cave in a remote area, you can still earn a decent living from the comfort of your sofa.

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Set Up an Online Business

There is a huge range of online business ideas you could easily set up for yourself without any real investment costs. One of the most popular is blogging which requires a website and just enough article ideas to encourage affiliate links and partner brands. Most people set up their blog as a side job they can run from home, but if you build it up fairly quickly, you could certainly come to rely on your blog as your main income in the future.

But really, there are any number of businesses that you could set up online and offer around the world, especially if you are a creative type. Consultancy, marketing, advertising, social influencing… all you need is a laptop and you’re away.

Figure Out Your Working Hours

Working from anywhere in the world has massive advantages, but, like any freelancer working from home, you will need to figure out the hours you are prepared to work. As you are remote, this may mean that you need to keep the hours of the country you provide most of your work to, rather than your current location. This could be ideal if you are a morning person and like to be finished by midday, but it could cause problems if the hours aren’t sociable.

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As you are not tied to office hours, you might find that you alter your working day to suit your stamina better. This might mean working a few hours in the morning and then returning later on in the afternoon, or it could be that you change the rhythm of your day so that you do one type of work when you are most alert and another when you are slacking off.

Don’t Forget About Exchange Rates

Working abroad, it is likely that unless you are using Euros in the European Union, you will have to bill your clients in their currency rather than your own. This is because people tend to prefer to spend in their own currency and would rather you worked out the exchange rate for them. There are a couple of currency transfer systems you can use to do the work for you but it comes down to you to charge the right amount in the first place.

In our truly global world, having the opportunity to live and work wherever you want is incredibly exciting. You could take time to travel without having to sacrifice a well-paid job; you could experience new things and new cultures. You have your freedom so take it while you can.

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