Why You Must Use Video Marketing For Your Business

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Recent statistics show that 60% of companies use video content marketing. Out of those, 80% say that video marketing is a critical part of their sales strategy. Video is evolving and will get more vital in the future; when most companies using video think it delivers strong ROI, expect to see a lot more of it.

If you still have your doubts, spending the time and resources on video marketing in any niche is worth it. Below are the reasons why.

Video Increases Your Conversions and Sales

Let’s cut to the chase. Video content can make you money. Putting a product demo on your landing page can boost conversions by 80%.

Video content also can trigger sales. Marketing studies show that 75% of consumers who watched a product’s how-to video then bought it. So, we recommend assembling some kick-butt product demo videos pronto!

Think about it: How surprising is it that video works? Vision is our dominant sense. Most information we receive in our brains is visual. So if product pictures raise engagement, think about what video could do to drive sales.

Video Returns Excellent ROI

To get you even more stoke, 80% of companies say that video provides a strong ROI. Video production still costs a pretty penny, and it takes work, but it will pay off. And remember that video editing tools get better every year; even a good smartphone can make an acceptable video if your budget is tight.

More good news: Your videos don’t need to be artworks. It’s your content that is critical. Research indicates that consumers repel from videos that fail to explain a product or service clearly. Low quality and design don’t matter as much. So, you could say video is like eating a doughnut – even if it’s a mediocre donut, it’s still tasty.

Video Grows Audience Trust

Trust is the bedrock of your company’s conversions and sales. However, building trust needs to be the primary goal of your business. The whole idea of marketing your content is founded on trust and building long-term customer relationships. Drop the selling schtick for a few minutes and let customers come to you by giving them fascinating and helpful information.

Video does everything. Video content connects with an audience and presses emotional hot buttons. And note that Youtube is the most powerful way to make people brand aware. So if you take content marketing to heart, you must create persuasive video content.

Google ‘Hearts’ Video

Video boosts time spent on your website. Longer time on your site increases trust and tells Google that your site delivers dynamite content. Here’s a cool stat: you’re 50 times more likely to appear #1 on Google if you embed a video on your website. Google owns Youtube, so there’s a massive increase in how much your videos boost your Google rank.

But remember to optimize every video you drop on Youtube for search engine optimization (SEO). Devise intriguing titles and descriptions. Put a link to your products, services, and website; that way, you provide viewers with the next step.

Mobile Users ‘Heart’ Video

Mobile and video are perfectly matched. At least 90% of cell phone users watch videos on their devices. People enjoy watching videos as they live their lives, and smartphone users are on the rise, so your audience just keeps growing.

Plus, Google reports that cell phone users are twice as likely as television watchers to feel connected to your brand if you show a video on their devices.

Bottom Line

Video marketing is more affordable than ever and widespread. You need creativity and understanding of the human psyche to make great videos, and if you have them, you can create stunning marketing miracles at a low cost.

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