Moving On Up: How To Find Your First Office

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Starting out in the world of business is daunting. At first, you might second-guess yourself. You might always be worrying whether you’ve made the right decision. Or whether you’re going to make it. But when you first venture out into life as your own boss, you’re also hungry. You’re driven. And you’re getting the work done. Because you have no other option. And the result of that can often be success. Because you’re giving it your all. And when you do start to get traction with your business, you’re going to grow. One of the first things that many people need when they grow, is a business space. Because working from home or coffee shops can’t always cut it. Yet, it can be difficult to know how you’re going to find your first office. Let’s take a look at the options you have.

find your first office

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1. Rent A Desk

If you don’t want to spend too much money at first, and you know that you don’t need an awful lot of space, renting a desk is a good idea. You can get a desk in a serviced office space, that would then allow you to move into a full office in the future. Or, you could rent a desk from another business.

2. Rent A Managed Office

Or, if you know that you need a lot more space, ad you plan to hire, a bigger office space might be important to you. Sure, you could rent a regular office, but you may want to consider a managed office, so that you get facilities with the office, and you don’t want to worry about the maintenance of the space. Here, you’ll want to consider prices to see what kind of service will suit your budget best.

3. Buy A Space

Next, you’ve also got the option to buy a space. Maybe you have the budget available or you’ve got investors? If so, this could give you a lot more freedom. Yet, it doesn’t have to be a huge cost. You could buy somewhere small or quirky and make it your own. With a renovation to the outside, with someone such as Contractors Inc, and a completely interior refit, it can work. You may be able to get somewhere that really suits your business this way too.

4. Build A Space

If you’re struggling to find something that meets your needs, then building a space could be perfect. This could be on land that you own, or elsewhere in the area. This is a great option for a longer-term solution.

5. Go In With Someone Else

But then also, making a big leap on your own isn’t the only option you have. Maybe you know someone else that is a solopreneur or that is looking to grow their business? So why no co-share with them? Sure, this might not work out for the long-term, but if you’re just trying to get some form of formal office space for now, this can be a great way for you to cut the cost.

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