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Employee Motivational Tactics that You’re Probably Overlooking

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Keeping your employees happy is so important when you run a business. Why? Because happy employees stick around and they tend to give it their all for you and your business. It’s probably fair to say that the most successful businesses, in all ways, are the ones who look after their staff, but how exactly do you do that? By giving them what they want. What do they want?


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A Purpose

No employee wants to be stuck in a cubicle pushing pens all day, what they want to be given tasks that they’re good at; tasks that are challenging enough to keep the boredom at bay and stop them from becoming a desk zombie. They also want long-term goals that they can work towards. If you want to be a great boss, and you want to make them happy -make it happen.


Most Employees like to know that they are trusted by their boss. Giving your employees more responsibility shows them that they are valued, and it gives them more meaning in their work. Employees who are never given any autonomy tend to become very resentful and start to hate their jobs pretty fast.

Fair Compensation

If you’re a good boss, your employees surely love working for you, but chances are they’d still rather be doing something else -spending time with their families perhaps. The main reason they work for you is so that they can take care of themselves and their families. They want to put good food on the table; they don’t want to have to worry about bills; they want to see new homes for sale and know that, even if they can’t buy one now, they can in the future. So, if you find good employees, pay them well, if you do, they’ll pay you back tenfold.


flexibility for your employees

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Employees aren’t robots – they’re real people – and that means that they will have issues in their life from time to time, just like you. What they want when issues inevitably arise, is the flexibility to deal with them. They want to be able to leave work early if their kid is sick, work from home on Fridays when the commute is awful, and they want to be able to arrange their own schedules for their own convenience. This won’t always be practical. But the more flexibility you can give your staff, the happier they’ll be, and you’ll probably notice that productivity rises too.

New Opportunities

Most people in the workplace are looking to climb the ladder – they don’t want to stagnate. Good employers know this, and that’s why they offer opportunities, such as courses and training, for development, and why they always make it known that there are opportunities to rise through the ranks of the company for employees who work hard.


Perhaps most important of all, your employees want to be respected. They don’t want to be treated like drones or be made to feel like they’re ‘lesser;’ than you because of your position, so do your best to talk to all of your employees like equals all of the time.

If giving your employees these things doesn’t make them happy, I’m not sure anything will!

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