Common Office Problems And What We Can Do To Fix Them

When working in a shared office of any kind you have to work as a team, however, there are some common problems that can arise when it comes to working in an office environment, but as with anything else in a business, all it takes is a little hard work and some compromise and most issues can be resolved. Here are some tips on how to solve these common issues and restore harmony in the office.

common office problems
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The environment we work in has to be suitable for us, especially when you have to sit inside together all day every day. Temperature and light are the two common problems that seem to cause the most issues in offices. So a recommendation would be to find the perfect temperature as recommended by the official governing body for your area. Then make sure you relax on the dress code if it causes your team discomfort (suits during a heat wave for example). Some people run warmer than others and you’ll never to it perfect for every single person. However, installing heating/ cooling systems will serve to help the problem and will show your staff that you care as well. When it comes to lighting, there are some basic requirements, but ultimately, it depends on the individual person, you can arrange seating plans to accommodate this. But as with the temperature situation, you are going to want to have options for those that have preferences and possible difficulties.

IT Services

There’s nothing worse than sitting in an office with a workforce sat twiddling their thumbs. It’s unnecessary and frustrating, so ensuring you have the best IT services on offer to start with you will save a lot of time and money. has a range of services to choose from and not only does this option save you on time and money due to everything being handled for you. Finding a reliable IT service will also keep your team happy and not waiting around for hours just to get a necessary response. This keeps productivity high and the business thriving.


As well as IT and communication systems, it’s very common for offices to be busy, loud and completely lacking in excellent communication. There’s nothing more important than making sure your staff are communicating with you and the rest of the workforce. Breakdowns in communication lead to animosity and errors in the office, and that’s not good for anyone.

It’s important to lead by example and communicate with your staff yourself to start with. You will benefit in the long run when your team are effective, and there’s more time and space to get things done!


It doesn’t matter if you have a full cafe on-site or something else entirely different, but it’s essential that staff are firing on all cylinders. The only way to achieve that is to ensure adequate food and drink is consumed every single day. Also if someone brings in their own food, then they should be able to trust that it’s protected and nobody else should be eating food in the fridge that isn’t theirs either way!

It’s a shame that there have to be arguments in the office about simple things, however, if you manage expectations effectively and show you care about the wellbeing of your staff things can only from go from strength to strength.