How Better Employee Wellbeing Creates A Productive Workplace

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A productive workplace will yield the best growth and results from a business; therefore, it is unsurprising that this is something most managers and supervisors strive for!

While enforcing different rules and regulations can work to a certain extent, if employees feel stressed at work it can quickly create an uncomfortable working environment. In turn, this can affect others, as well as have a significant impact on their productivity.

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One of the best ways to improve efficiency, and all-round atmosphere, is to first focus on workplace wellbeing. Once this has become a priority, the other benefits will follow.

There are many aspects of employee wellbeing that you could consider looking at introducing to your workplace to bolster a great working environment for everyone. This includes mental health awareness training, improving employees’ nutrition and lifestyle activities.

If this is a step that needs to be made in your workplace, read on for some helpful guidance on how to do it.

Mental health awareness training

It’s beneficial to allow staff to take part in a course that allows them to help themselves and each other. There are a number of  wellbeing workshops which can do just that. By teaching others, the signs and symptoms of someone who may be depressed or struggling with any form of their mental health, you can encourage them to assist each other.

This will help staff to build relationships at work, by breaking the stigma associated with mental health and encouraging open conversation. These techniques help improve productivity and have a positive impact on your company’s culture.

Nutrition and lifestyle

A healthy body can help to improve mind, mood and productivity.

While you can’t control how your staff spend their time outside of working hours, you can encourage healthier habits such as lunch time walks rather than eating at desks.

As well as this, you could implement quick sessions that teach about nutrition and what balanced meals look like. Encouraging healthy snacks such as fruit in the office, rather than chocolate and crisps is also a step in the right direction.

Social events

Encourage and develop better internal relationships by allowing staff to interact socially, whether in some form of team building or a community event.

By improving these types of relationships, staff may feel like they could share future problems because they have begun to trust other colleagues, and experience increased enjoyment of the workplace. This can, in turn, have a positive impact on productivity in the workplace.

Stress management training

Being able to recognise key signs of stress along with the triggers and reactions to different events is a great way for staff to avoid burning themselves out. It is also a useful technique to equip staff with the knowledge they need to offer help to peers who may be suffering.

Giving staff the ability to manage their own wellbeing at work can help to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity in the business.

Looking after employees is the best way of making the workplace a happier and more productive workplace for all, and greatly improves staff retention levels. Therefore, it is important to ensure this is a factor you are constantly striving to improve.

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