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Adding Light And Shade: Ways To Improve Your Business Image

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How many times have you heard somebody talk about the importance of image? It’s everything in developing your business, so you need to think about making an image as positive as possible. This means looking at two things, your brand and your reputation. For those businesses that have been trading for a long time, it can be a godsend to have a dramatic turnaround in image that increases an overall positive perception of your company, so how can you increase this positive business image?

improve your business image

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Being Eye-catching

The thousands of businesses in the world that have a terrible design or logo need to drastically rethink their approach to being eye-catching. Remember, your brand communicates so many things about your business, and if you haven’t got that je ne sais quoi, especially when it comes to your iconography, this is going to set you back. So, consider every aspect of the image you present, and this isn’t just in terms of your logo or design, this is also in how you present yourself on a personal level, especially in places like trade expos. If you think about the importance of a trade show booth design, this is something that is going to have more customers coming to you, rather than you going to them. Image is all about vibrancy, but it is imbued into the sensibility of the brand. Brand and image need to go together. And so once you figure out how this combines effectively, you will become far more attractive to prospective customers and clients.


It’s such a difficult word, but your reputation will always precede you. So, if you have a reputation for being devious and conniving, are you going to have clients knocking at your door? Think about what you really want to achieve, is this going to be achieved by lying through your teeth? Honesty inspires trust, trust from your clients and trust from your customers. Especially when it comes to your customers, you need them to believe in you. This positive business image is about word of mouth as much as a snazzy logo. Think about it, have you had people tell you they’ll do something, only for them not to do it? Don’t you consider them to be unreliable? Of course, you do.

Improve Your Corporate Culture

improve your corporate culture

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With tools like social media, you’ve got workers who are going to vent their frustrations online if they hate working for you. So this doesn’t just have an impact on how you hire employees, but your clients will look at your workplace culture and decide if it links in with their own values, but also your customers will decide if they want to buy from you anymore. This is a type of bad news that will travel fast. Because of social media, everything is now transparent. So this is why a positive workplace culture is so important nowadays, it’s not just for the internal processes and staff members, but it’s for the whole world to see.

Even those businesses the start out as a one-man band have an image to maintain, and this goes up all the way to when you are a fully-fledged multinational conglomerate. Your brand and your perception are the two most vital aspects of your business, so think about how you present these.

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