6 Functions Every Growing Business Must Outsource

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Owning a business is a full time job and it can very easily leak into every part of your life purely because there is so much to do. What a lot of business owners fail to do within the first few years of their company is the idea of delegating work to others, outsourcing, and actually having time to themselves outside of work. The whole point of hiring employees is so that they can work to make your business better. The work to life balance that business owners face is always a struggle to begin with, but once you get the hang of delegating and outsourcing it can become a lot easier.


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All companies use a multitude of software to run their business to the best of its ability. And it can take time to keep on top of updates and developments that need to be made. Also, not everyone is adept enough at developing software to be on top of it. You can find specific management companies to handle the software part for you. You could also hire a freelancer to do the work as you need it done, or you can hire a developer full time – the latter works better in a larger company.


Your website is the virtual face of your company; so it needs to be perfect in every way – this ways any visitors to your site will think that your business is too. If there’s a mistake, then your business will lose its integrity. But to keep it relevant and not looking like an amateur job, you might want to look into hiring a web developer. Again you can hire a freelancer or someone full time. With your website, unless you are uploading blogs most days or weeks, you probably won’t need someone full time.


As the boss, you will probably want the final word on new staff, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be hands-on for the entire process. From writing the advertisement to conducting the initial interviews, you don’t have to be involved. If you are hiring for a specific department, it might be best to let the department manager sort it out. If you’re hiring a manager, it’s best to do that yourself.


Do you need to have your own fleet of trucks? Or are your deliveries spaced out enough that you can afford to outsource? You might also find that a third party logistics company is cheaper than maintaining your own delivery trucks. You can create a full time contract, or one for specific times.


On the subject of payroll – hire someone else to do it. The more employees you have, the more time it takes to sort out your finances. You can delegate payroll to a specific person, or lump it under finance management. Depending on how big your business is will dictate which option you need.

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