5 Terrible Ways Cyber-attacks Are Orchestrated

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Cyber-attack has become a very common problem in today’s world. Millions of dollars are being lost just because of the cyber-attacks each year. The reputed companies are trying different techniques just to ensure that they have strong security so that the hackers can’t get into their system. So, how do the hackers get critical information and exploit personal data? Well, there are many ways a hacker can make you a target. In this article, we will learn about the 5 most common cyber-attacks. As you read this article, you will know a lot about the current threat that we are facing due to the cybercriminals.

cyber-attacks and threats for businesses
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Malware attack

Malware attack is a very common form of attack. The PC gets infected with malicious software and the hackers ask for ransomware. Most of the time the malware infect a portion of the PC and block certain contents. The program is designed in such a way so that the hackers get hold of the critical information and they can easily ask for money. Though it might sound silly you don’t have any options when your important business files get locked due to such a program. The small to medium size business owners are regularly facing some problems.

At times they are negotiating with the hackers just because the data are too much importance to them. As you learn more about the malware attack, you will be surprised by the amazing technique used by hackers. But you can easily prevent such attacks by avoiding suspicious mail and using trusted software. Study more about the malware attack so that you don’t have to lose vital information or send money to the hackers for the blocked contents. Find here discount for antivirus software that can protect malware.

Phishing attack

This is one of the most common forms of cyber-attack you will ever face in this modern world. The hackers mimic the reputed sites and get sensitive data like credit card information, social security number, etc. Let’s say you are buying a product from a famous eCommerce store. It won’t take much time to complete the checkout. The hackers will mimic the eCommerce store website and you will never realize that you are actually in the wrong link and giving the credit card information to the hackers while buying the product. In your real life, you will never get the product and the hackers will steal the money in your credit card with a blink of an eye.

Man in the middle

This is an advanced form of cyber-attack when hackers steal the information when you are sending sensitive files over the network. Most of these kinds of attacks take place when you use the public network. For this reason, people always ask to use the VPN since the data are encrypted in the network. Even the middle can’t get critical information. Learn to use the protective measures since it will help you to save your vital information from the hacker’s hand.

DOS attack

This is one of the most popular forms of attack used by hackers to slow down or shut down a website. They overload the website server with tons of traffic and waste the bandwidth so that no user can get access to the site. This popular form of attack has caused massive trouble to the users. Starting from small, ending with the big companies, everyone is afraid of the DOS attack. People are spending a huge amount of money so that they can protect their websites from the DOS attack and save themselves from the hacker’s threat.

Zero-day vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability is one of the most common causes for which small business owners are losing critical information. If you look at the big companies’ details, you will know a lot about such an attack. The hackers are always trying to exploit critical information just to gain financial advantage. The hackers will always look for weak spots in the network. As they find the weak spot, they will start testing different kinds of techniques to break the security layer on the websites.

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