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What You Need to Know Before Pursuing a Career in Data Science

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Data science is fast becoming one of the most sought-after careers in business, with the increase of digital integration within firms meaning that more individuals are looking to go into this in-demand career choice. However, there are certain facts that you need to be aware of to check whether a career in data science is right for you, and here are the basics of what you should know.

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What are the college admission requirements?

To pursue a career in data science, most individuals will decide to head to college to achieve a business analysis or data science degree. This will give you all the tools and skills that you need to succeed in the field, including a grounding in the math and IT knowledge that data scientists rely on. Not only this, but many employers will be looking specifically for certain qualifications and requirements in order for you to be accepted in many of the top job positions. However, before you are able to choose a data science degree that is right for you, you should find out what the MS in Data Science admission requirements to ensure that you are able to procure a place on a coveted course without any issues occurring.

What experience do you need?

Due to the expertise that are needed to become a data scientist, it is paramount that you get a lot of relevant experience before you decide to seek out a permanent job position from a top firm. For instance, many firms require you to have at least 3 years of machine learning experience in order for you to apply for their entry-level positions. However, although the necessary experience may seem impossible for a recent graduate, you can work towards these job requirements by performing independent projects and research, volunteering or finding internships in the sector. You can also find part-time roles that can help you to harness some of the most important skills, such as IT aptitude, and looking for apprenticeships and graduate schemes straight out of college.

What skills should you have?

Unlike many job roles, to become a data scientist, there are many specific skills, both soft skills and technical, that you need to hone in order to get through the recruitment process. For instance, you must have an aptitude for machine learning and programming, soft engineering and data visualization, an understanding of statistics and how to analyze them, good general IT skills, and sound knowledge of mathematics, especially in relation to algebra. You can improve your skills by taking up training courses and by researching the latest developments in technology and data.

How do you find a data science job?

In order to find a data science job, one of the best steps to take is to apply for an internship or a graduate scheme. Due to the fact that data science is a relatively new career, the pathways toward it are not as broad as other careers, and so it can be best to follow one of the most traditional options when you are looking to begin working for a business or agency. You should also start to develop a portfolio and build up your online presence on business platforms such as LinkedIn. This will give employers an opportunity to find you when they are looking for employees of your skillset, while a portfolio can help to provide hiring teams with proof of your skills and expertise.

In order to find specific jobs, rather than simply hunting on job boards, you should try to contact recruiters directly since many data science jobs are relatively new. You should also consider finding a job through networking with other businesses and discussing their needs with them. If you must use a job search website, you should ensure that this is industry-specific and that it is tailored towards businesses.

What type of workplace is open to you?

As a data scientist, you could work for a specific company or business, or you could work for an agency that can connect you with different projects and allow you to work for a wider range of companies. In fact, many large tech giants, like Google and Microsoft, are large employers of data scientists. If you want to work for yourself, however, there is always the opportunity to set up your own analysis and data science company, which can allow you to be in control of your salary and clients, and ensure that you can utilize your expertise in a way that suits you.

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