5 Reasons All Job Industries Need Project Managers

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Project management is perhaps the most misunderstood role in the business world. Many industries consider it to be the exclusive preserve of the corporate world, whereas others hire a project manager just because it is what they feel they should do.

Few businesspeople understand the true value a project manager from a premier provider like Jonas Premier offers. All industries can benefit from project managers, and here are some of the reasons why.

Keep Projects Within Budget

Did you know that the average project goes over budget by 27%? This can translate to thousands of dollars every year.

A good project manager not only ensures that projects remain within budget but guarantees that budgets are realistic in the first place. This can prevent any nasty surprises for employers and make sure that they can provide accurate financial forecasts for the year ahead.

Ensure Goals are Met

Within the business world in 2018, just 70% of projects achieved their goals. This may sound like a high number, but it means millions of projects worldwide did not reach their targets.

Project managers can ensure goals are met by planning the execution of tasks and strict monitoring of progress.

A project manager’s sole goal is to guarantee that a project achieves its goals within a set budget. By excelling in planning and keeping everything organized, your project has a higher chance of meeting its targets.

Improved Collaboration Within a Project

Project managers often deal with huge teams all with different roles. A successful project manager will be able to tie everything together and encourage a high level of collaboration across different teams.

Managers are there to help your employees maximize their value. Project managers go further than simply planning meetings. They bring with them specialized software and utilize multiple channels of communication.

Project managers can deliver brand-new working processes to your company, which will inevitably lead to better outcomes.

Getting Maximum Value from Each Team Member

Project managers are specialists in getting the most out of every team member. They consider the needs and expectations of each employee and create a project plan that best plays to their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.

Not only does this lead to better outcomes, but it also creates harmony among teams by minimizing frustration.

Project Managers are Specialists in Your Industry

Some employers view project managers as ‘just another suit’. This is far from reality. Successful project managers are not corporate beings brought in to manage meetings. They understand your industry.

Most project managers have experience in your business, so they understand the realities of the working environment they are deployed in.

You are not just getting a specialist in management you are getting someone who understands your business.


Project management has grown in popularity over the years. It is evolved from the corporate office environment and is now a factor in every industry. Industries as diverse as food processing to construction are now utilizing project managers to get the most out of their workforces.

Hiring a project manager does not have to be expensive. The value you get from enhanced productivity and efficiency will far surpass any initial investment.

Have you considered hiring a project manager?

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