5 Marketing Events to Jumpstart Your Sales in 2019

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Marketing events can be a fun way to reach out to new customers by offering a physical experience. Here are five types of marketing events that could be worth trying out to help promote your business.

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Launch party

When launching a new business or product, a launch party can be great excuse to celebrate and build exposure by inviting key people to come along. You could host the event at your business premises or you could hire out a venue to host your party in. People to invite could include local journalists and local business owners – ideally people who can spread the good word of your business.

Sales conference

Sales conferences tend to be more formal events and are used to directly convert customers. The people attending these events could be people you’ve invited or they could be people who have signed up willingly who may be looking for extra information on your product/services. Most sales conferences involve a demo of the product (if possible), a sales talk and then an opportunity for the audience to ask questions. You should look to hire the best conference venue you can find in order to create a good impression. You can even hire catering or book accommodation/travel for key attendees.

Trade fair

Trade fairs are events in which multiple companies come together to promote their businesses. Each business has a stall and tries to promote their company to passers-by. Trade fairs tend to be centered around specific niches such as food or fitness and attract people interested in those niches – as a result, it can be a great way to find and convert new customers. To get results at a trade fair, you need to make sure that your stall stands out. It’s worth investing money into a display such as a marquee or banners.


Seminars and workshops are opportunities to share your expertise, however they can also be opportunities to promote your business by demonstrating yourself to be an expert in your field. Seminars tend to be spoken presentations much like conferences, whilst workshops tend to be more hands-on. Such events can also be hosted online in the form of webinars.

Sponsored event

It may also be possible to sponsor an event. This involves donating money to help organize an event in exchange for being able to display sponsored branding. Popular sponsored events include sporting events, concerts and fetes. You can find events organizers looking for sponsors online. It’s also possible to sponsor charity events.

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