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Digital PR vs Paid Advertising: Which is Better?

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Marketing has undergone a major change in the last decade. Thanks to the advent of technology you hear terms like SEO, Digital marketing that is really going to confuse you. Some of the past terminologies like advertising and digital PR are still prominent however the manner in which they are implemented has undergone a transformation. For a new business like yours, we tell you which out of Digital PR and paid advertising is better.

digital PR vs paid advertising

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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is an effort to improve your image in the minds of your customers. It is not directly selling your product to them. On the other hand, you use tactics to tell the customer why your brand or product is better than the others. Basically, the purpose for which Digital PR is used is to generate brand awareness rather than increase sales. Firms like PRchitects know the exact tricks like press releases, social media meetups and fundraisers that can be arranged to keep your brand in front. Digital PR requires less investment and fulfils its task of keeping your online reputation clean.

What is Paid advertising?

On the other hand, paid advertising is mainly done to ensure that the sales of your product increase. The advertisements have a small shelf life and it is believed that the impact they would show is usually targeted amongst these exposures. Companies release new ads to promote a new promotion or as per any special event. The cost required for any advertising campaign to yield results is high and yet it is not necessary you may get the same.

Changes in Digital PR and paid advertising?

Over a period of time, both these services have undergone a change. PR has become a digital affair and no longer requires to pursue the journalists to cover your events. You may simply go live on Social media and target the customers that you were trying to impress. Link building makes your brand reach places other than your own website and the exposure it receives is much better. Journalists covering stories in your field can add your website as a backlink and those who read would want to know more.

Paid advertising has now moved on to Pay per click and there are multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, Reddit, etc. The choice of the platform depends on what you are advertising as the results are modified accordingly. Advertising, on the other hand, is profitable if the correct keyword research and other aspects are taken care of. However, every ad that is generated does not lead to a click and that really dilutes the purpose for which the same has been undertaken. Even though you can modify the ads to figure on the top there is no assurance that the customer would give it a priority.

Which is better?

Nowadays the level of competition you receive is very high. Thus, best results are achieved when you know how to get a balance between both of them. In case you want your business to be recognized and customers start considering it as a trustworthy bet then you must consider Digital PR. When the customer starts trusting you the next step of getting sales is quickly achieved too. However, with paid ads, there is no surety that the clicks would generate as per your requirement.


In a competitive world like ours getting the best results through the marketing campaigns is a difficult task. However, if you know the best techniques that can be used in Digital PR the brand awareness can undergo a major change. PRchitects gives you the balanced suggestions you need to push your brand at the forefront and once the recognition comes the sales follow too.

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