Starting a Digital Marketing Agency? These Five Top Tips Will Help

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If you want to become a digital marketer and are interested in starting your own digital marketing agency, you will no doubt be on the lookout for some top tips to help get you started. Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry that requires flexibility and adaptability to succeed in. If you have these traits, you should be standing in good stead to excel.

Having experience of working within a digital marketing agency is obviously a bonus, but it is not entirely essential; anybody with a business brain and a willingness to learn can start providing a valuable service to businesses who do not have the time or resources to do it themselves. Read on to remind yourself of the roles and responsibilities of a new digital marketing agency and to discover some useful tips that will aid your progress.

Role of a Digital Marketing Agency

As a brand-new digital marketing agency, you should look to offer something precise and niche in the field. Whether this is through specializing in a particular area of digital marketing – social media or user experience, for example – or through targeting a particular type of business to provide services for, you must attempt to achieve something fresh and different.

Overall, however, a digital marketing agency is there to provide businesses with strategy and support for being found online. Over 75% of small businesses in the USA were using social media for sales, marketing, and customer service in 2018, but how many of them truly knew what they were doing? Bringing your expertise and experience to help them increase traffic and sales will be your responsibility as a digital marketer. 

1. Build a Social Media Presence

The first top tip for those looking to break into the industry is to have a solid social media presence from the beginning. What you must remember is that not only are you trying to help brands, but you as a digital marketing agency are a brand in your own right. With research proving that social media can help build trust in a brand, you must use it to your advantage when seeking out clients.

Being able to show you have a heavy social media following proves that you can practice what you preach in digital marketing. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are also incredibly useful for reaching out to potential clients who you think could use your assistance.

2. Make Contacts

Building a contact network is vital to breaking into any industry. In digital marketing, they are especially useful as they will help in being able to reach out for advice, white label services, and platforms for link building. 

This will naturally be easier if you have already worked in digital marketing but, if you have not, many will still be responsive to your communications if you can work out how to make it mutually beneficial.

3. Use White Label SEO

As previously mentioned, white label services can be a useful tool for digital marketers. Taking search engine optimization as an example, white label SEO is a cost-effective and simple way to provide your clients with expertise in a specific area without them having to go through another company.

For those unfamiliar with the practice, white label, or private label, services are the act of using the product of another company (in this case, SEO expertise) and putting your own name on it. This saves time and money for you and your employees.

4. Identify Target Clients

You should identify target clients early on, as this is where you will focus much of your outreach efforts. For instance, if you are intending to specialize in providing digital marketing strategy in the hospitality industry, you should list the potential clients in your area to avoid wasting time and effort on those you are less interested in.

5. Use Freelancers

Finally, consider using freelancers for some of your content. Outsourcing services such as logo design, social media campaigns, or link-building blog writing is a fantastic way to guarantee quality for your clients and to save you hours in the day.

Freelancers are specialists at the content they produce and are always on the lookout for successful brands and service providers to require and hire their professionalism. This is a quicker route than hiring full-time staff and perfect for completing smaller, individual projects.

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