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SOS; My Employees Don’t Care

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Your employees are your best assets. That’s precisely because you know how valuable they are that you make sure to dedicate sufficient time and resources to the recruitment process. But, too often, businesses fail to show they care once they’ve hired their best candidate. Unfortunately, your behavior or lack of strategy towards your employees can have dramatic consequences. After all, there is no point in hiring the most suitable talent if your people feel disengaged with the business. Indeed, it’s fair to say that a team that doesn’t feel involved in your day-to-day activities is a sign you shouldn’t ignore.

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You don’t include them in business communication

Communication is a delicate art to master. In a business environment, too many managers fail to maintain open communication. If you focus your efforts on a selected group of individuals, you might be leaving entire teams in the dark. Modern companies can’t afford to build selective communication paths between higher hierarchic levels to the detriment of other employees. The bottom line is that it’s difficult to care about a business that doesn’t keep you in the loop. Additionally, selective communication also puts teams at risk of missing deadlines, projects, and expertise, as a result of not knowing what needs doing or what is happening in other services.

You don’t know how to show appreciation

How often do you thank your employees for their hard work? It is foolish for business owners to ignore the efforts and sacrifices of their teams. Reward expert Surprise HR understands the value of appreciation, and showing your people they are appreciated. Unfortunately, with time, many businesses can take their employees for granted. It’s because you lose your interest in them that employees distance themselves. Lack of appreciation is one of the top reasons to look for another job.

You don’t trust them with the critical tasks

Are you the kind of manager who keeps the best job for themselves and assigns the menial tasks to their team? Your employees want just as much as you do move their career forward. However, when they are stuck in a role that doesn’t let them develop new skills, boredom and frustration find their way into their routine. Menial tasks, ultimately, are mind-numbing. Nobody wants to do them, but, unfortunately, there is no way around. However, for the sake of fairness, you should find an appropriate solution for recurring small jobs or set up a rota system so that everyone gets to do a little of everything!

You don’t build a trustworthy relationship

Bosses who keep their door shut create a physical and psychological boundary between themselves and their staff. To put it clearly, a closed door indicates that you are not there to help your team. How can they trust you if you don’t want to get involved with them? Another common mistake is for the manager to show their preferences by spending more time with specific members of the team. You can’t afford to treat employees differently.

The bottom line is that your employees react to your behavior and your decisions. If you are unable to show you care about them, it’s unlikely they will care about your business.

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