Promoting A More Integrated Approach To Business

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Wanting your business to succeed is one of the most important and obvious things in business that you can possibly think of. But knowing how to make it happen is something else entirely, and it is something which everyone has their own method for too. If you think that you have some idea about what this means, at least for your business, then you will be moving in the right direction generally. But you might also want to consider other models for running a business, and one which is bound to help most people out is that of promoting a more integrated approach to business. Integration in this sense is something that is going to make your business operate as a whole much more effectively and readily, and there are many benefits to it which are absolutely worth thinking about.

What Is Integration?

People can mean a variety of different things by a word as broad as integration, so it’s important to lay down first and foremost what we are actually talking about in this sense, in this article at least. For us in this situation, integration merely means that all the congruent elements of your business are working together in perfect harmony and accord, ore as close to that as you can really realistically hope to get. As long as you have this kind of integration, you will find that different departments, teams, technological solutions and so on are all working together much more easily. It is essentially a way to make sure that your business operates as one business, and not as many smaller elements trying in vain to work together.

Integration takes a lot of trial and error to get right, and importantly it looks different in each circumstance, so you are going to need to try and apply these methods and tips to your business and just see what it looks like. Over time, you will get a better sense of what it should look like and what you need to do, so that is going to make a huge difference to how effective it will ultimately be for you. Bearing all that in mind, let’s think about what we can do in order to ensure that a business is considerably more integrated.

The Top-Down Approach

You simply can’t expect to promote interaction in your business without having a reliably top-down way of looking at things, and this is something you should look at first if you are keen on ensuring that you get this right. The top-down approach merely means that you are going to be able to look at the business as a whole from the macro perspective, rather than the micro perspective of smaller details and so on. By doing this and approaching your business in this way, you can hope to be able to be more aware of what needs doing in order to bring about more integration, just for the simple fact that it is very hard to be able to see what needs doing when you are in the weeds looking around. You need to be looking down on everything as best as you can. That is something that should come relatively easy to you as the manager, but erven so you need to remember to try and keep this way of thinking going if you are to expect great things from these methods.


As is often the case with big changes that you want to make in business, you will find that there are many respects in which the proper use of technology can really help quite profoundly, and this is something that is always worth looking into when you are hoping to make some important top-down changes. Knowing what kind of tech can help you out can have a way of really speeding up the necessary processes, and of ensuring that you keep everything and everyone accountable along the way too, so that if anything goes wrong you know what you need to change or who you need to speak to.

Of the many kinds of technological assistance, you might be seeking, one of the most important is going to be that you use an integration cloud suite such as SAP Business One. These suites allow you to promote an integrated approach from the desktop which will affect the business as a whole, and you will be amazed at the kind of things you can achieve there. Think about the SAP Business One cost before you install, but you should find that you are pleasantly surprised with how affordable it can be, and it is worth it for what it can do for your business. Beyond such suites, you will also want to make sure that each team and individual has whatever software and tech they need in order to work well together, so be sure to focus on that too. With the right tech used in the right way, integration is no longer going to be some kind of mystery which you struggle to solve.


It is always a good idea to try and promote open communication in your business as much as you possibly can, and when it comes to trying to make your business more integrated, it is easy to see what that might be so important. You will find it very difficult indeed to be able to integrate different individuals, teams and departments if there is not a strong ability to communicate across the board. If people know that they work somewhere where they are actively encouraged to communicate ideas and problems openly, then this integration will conversely be a much more natural result of that. Clearly, this is something that you will want to promote as strongly as you can, and the best way to do that is to make sure that you are doing it yourself. People will soon follow suit.

The above will all help towards a more integrated approach to business, which should in turn mean that you can have much more succeed in the future with your business.

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