4 Social Media Myths That May Be Harming Your Startup

Growing a startup company comes with a variety of challenges that can be difficult to overcome. One common roadblock to success is how to market your business in a way that results in multiple conversions and increases your profit margin. There are many marketing strategies that can help boost your burgeoning company, such as the use of social media. Using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be useful for reaching out to prospective customers; however, there are several social media myths you may want to debunk to protect your startup and its chances of success.

social media myths
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1.    The Market Is Glutted

You may be hesitant to start a social media marketing campaign because you feel the market it already overwhelmed with startups jostling for elbow room. While it is true that many businesses use social media as a way to push their brand into the limelight, how you market can be more important than how many businesses in your niche are already using it.

To avoid being another face in the crowd on social media, it is important that you plan for your campaign before you launch it. This can also help you avoid a strong start and then inevitably stalling when you run out of promotional ideas after the first few weeks. Take the time to research the best times to post, what your audience wants to see, and how to deliver it in a way that will catch the eye of your prospective customers.

2.    You Need To Hire Experts

Social media management companies might tell you that as a business owner, you cannot run your social media marketing yourself because what is involved. However, since every startup is different, ability can vary widely. If you do not feel comfortable trying to create a marketing campaign to post on your Facebook or Twitter page, then you may be better off hiring a professional to handle this area for you. However, if you have your own ideas, there are ways to handle all of your platforms without wasting time or effort.

Technology has made handling social media marketing simpler, and some apps are accessible directly from your smartphone or tablet. Today’s social media tools can help you schedule posts across multiple platforms, alert you to likes and responses, and help you understand which marketing tactics are working and which are not. Learning to use these tools effectively can help you handle your campaign without becoming overwhelmed by it.

3.    Be Innovative Instead of Imitative

While having creative ideas can help boost your startup’s success, they may only take you so far. Choosing a business mentor can help teach you valuable lessons about how to properly run your social media marketing, especially if you have a lot of ideas but little experience. Looking to successful marketing gurus, such as Mark Crumpacker, can inspire you and give you a springboard from which to jump into new marketing endeavors.

4.    You Must Be Visible on Every Platform

This is a myth that may cause you significant posting burnout and sabotage your campaign before it ever gets off the ground. While visibility can be important, focusing on a few platforms instead of trying to generate content for half a dozen sites may give your social media marketing strategy the strength it needs to grow. You can discover which platforms generate the most interest and then focus on those accounts instead of constantly being under pressure to post unique content across the board.

Social media marketing can help your startup become successful and give you an outlet for presenting new and innovative products and services to your clients. However, understanding myth vs. fact before you begin may help you focus on what is important and what can result in superior profits for your startup.