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4 Proven Tips for Investing in Instagram Marketing

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Over the years, there has been a considerable fast growth in the total number of registered users on Instagram. Between 2014 and 2018 Instagram’s database of registered users has increased from 700 million to 1 billion and this number is still increasing on a daily basis. Contrary to what people already know about the platform, Instagram goes beyond a social media platform, it is a large market with several customers who are patiently waiting to be reached by the right business firm. A spokesman from Famoid noted that many businesses are getting amazing results with Instagram likes service.

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There are plenty of great reasons to invest in Instagram in the coming years. It is especially effective for reaching customers if you have a business where visuals are important for engagement. Jewelry and fashion companies have done very well on Instagram.

The vast number of users on this platform presents a business opportunity for anyone who is ready to tap into the power of the right traffic and level of interactions taking place to market their products to a more targeted audience who may have a high likelihood of engaging their services or purchasing their products. This offers an alternative, cost effective and result oriented marketing plan.

In January 2018, Instagram introduced a business related API which allows users to post photos and videos from a business profile by utilizing a third party platform such as Gramlike which makes it easier for major brands to take advantage of what Instagram has to offer in terms of click back rates, average turnaround time and maximum generation of leads.

Instagram’s business profile works well for all businesses regardless of expertise or age in the market, as long as you are able to identify its importance and can navigate your way through the social media network; you are on your way to having the best market experience. Having known the importance of Instagram for business, we shall be discussing 4 major tips on how to use Instagram for business.

1. Show what you do in a creative way

In using Instagram for business, you need to show the large community that you are good at what you do. You need to focus on the solutions you provide and not the products. It is the solutions that will market the products. While on Instagram, make sure you add value to the life of your followers by engaging them in a fruitful conversation every now and then.

2. Create a winning profile

Your profile on social media has a lot to say about you. While creating your profile, try as much as possible to focus on the most important part of your business. Let the client know what you have to offer and why they need to engage your services.

Your profile needs to be enticing and not too verbose. Think of it as an elevator pitch. You only have so many words to get your point across and get customers to commit to your call-to-action (which is usually visiting your website). You will need a compelling pitch to accomplish this. Keep in mind that customers will usually have already engaged with your brand’s visuals, so you should be able to convert them fairly easily.

3. Take them behind-the-scenes

Every customer is curious to know where their goods are coming from. You can capitalize on this weakness of the customer to redirect them to your site where they will obtain more information about the product at hand. This does not just increase your traffic but also has a positive impact on overall Google ranking and sales.

Expand your reach with #hashtags

Make proper use of the #hashtags is one of the most effective ways of increasing your visibility on social media platforms such as Instagram. Use hashtags more often and ask your followers to do the same.


Instagram is a wonderful tool for marketing as long as you are able to learn the ropes and apply the rules when necessary. You need to follow these tips to execute your strategy properly. Know your audience, engage with them regularly and you will see a lot of traction from this great platform.

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