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5 Security Awareness Training Topics To Cover With Employees

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Employees play a major role in protecting business data and customer information. Despite this, many workers struggle to identify phishing attacks, prevent cybercrime and stay updated with the latest cyber-attack trends. With the proper security awareness training, employees can learn how to recognize scams and avoid falling victim to crimes. Hence, business owners need to build effective training programs for their teams. Naturally, your team is the first line of defense from any potential threats. In order to educate your team, the most successful programs cover an array of topics. Continue reading to learn the top security awareness training topics to cover with employees.

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Malware Basics

One of the best security awareness training topics to start with is malware. Begin by covering malware basics to show your team why security training is so critical to business success. Explain that malware is a dangerous type of software. Provide examples of how hackers use it to retrieve and damage business data. This way, team member can take caution about downloading unknown or suspicious files. Take the opportunity to introduce terms like phishing and patching as well. That way, your staff will be prepared for your future lessons. Launch your program by covering this security awareness training topic.

Acceptable Device Usage

After you introduce your team to malware basics, cover acceptable uses for company devices. Some employees forget that the devices they use at work are not their own. When they have free-time on their hands, they use their work laptops to browse pop culture websites. Some even shop online during work hours. On top of being a productivity issue, this is also a security problem. When workers visit unsecured websites, they risk catching a virus. They could also deal with phishing scams that lead to data loss. Prevent such threats by establishing an acceptable use policy. Include it in your security awareness training as a main topic.

Social Media Threats

Moreover, focus on social media threats in your security training program. This topic particularly affects marketing teams that use social media channels to promote products. Even the most successful teams use social platforms like Instagram and Facebook without understanding the risks. The more successful a business is, the more hackers want to get their hands on their information. Teach your marketing team members how to identify hackers’ scams on the top platforms. Show your team examples of how hackers retrieve companies’ information with Facebook links. Explain the dangers of opening fraudulent direct messages on Instagram. Keep your business safe as it grows on marketing channels by covering social media threats with employees.

Email Security

Another topic worth covering in your security awareness training program is email security. The primary focus of this lesson should include phishing attacks and associated risks. Hackers send phishing emails by impersonating legitimate companies. They usually use realistic email addresses that persuade employees to open the messages. Inside the emails, they plant dangerous links and downloadable attachments. When recipients open the links and download the attachments, they allow hackers to gain access to their company’s information. Hackers can then damage data and/or steal it. Teach your team how to identify these emails to prevent losing information. Common warning signs include general greetings and grammatical errors. Effectively cover email security in your training program by focusing on phishing attack awareness.

Password Protection

Finally, password protection is a must-have topic for every cybersecurity awareness training program. Show your employees how to create strong passwords. Explain how the best passwords include a minimum of eight characters. They also include a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Additionally, introduce the idea of using two-factor authentication for company accounts. This method requires employees to take an extra step after inputting their usernames and passwords. They need to use a code to verify their identities as well. Teams that use strong passwords and also enable two-factor authentication succeed in protecting their business from cyber threats. Cover this security awareness training topic with your employees.

Since workers directly impact a company’s level of security, they need proper security awareness training. One of the best topics to start with is malware basics. After you explain why malware is so dangerous for business, cover acceptable work device usage. Then, move onto common social media threats on popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Review email security basics, focusing on phishing attacks in particular. Lastly, teach a lesson on the top password protection methods such as two-factor authentication. Cover these security awareness training topics with your employees to protect your brand.

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