Perks Of The Job: What Should You Be Offering?

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When you’re a startup, and entirely on your own, you often tend to focus on getting the job done. You’re not always bothered that you may be working from your bedroom, garage, or your friend’s couch – you just want to get the work done. But, as you grow (and grow significantly), you’re going to want to put a lot more thought into your work environment and what it has to offer. Because when you take on staff, you’re going to want to offer a job package that wows. These days, salary isn’t always enough to bring incredible employees on-board. You need to offer more. So, if you want to make sure that your company is the cream of the crop for staff perks, here are some ideas.

Financial Bonus

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The first point is always going to be the financial incentive. But, as we previously mentioned, we’re not just talking salary here. Because every job offers a salary – so you need to stand out. Depending on what your business does, and the role you’re looking to hire for, you might like to think about offering financial bonuses. This can either be based on performance for some roles, or at the end of the year – or both. This won’t always be relevant to you, but if others in your industry or roles your hire for offer it, you might want to too.

Office Perks

From here, you then need to be thinking about the office perks you might want to have. There are lots of cool offices around the world as this post points out, and while you don’t have to offer anything too out there, you may want to have more than just a tired old office. From interesting murals on the wool to a ping pong table, you need to be thinking about how your chosen office environment adds to your employee satisfaction.

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Health Benefits

Next up, health perks. And we’re not just talking medical insurance. This is something that you should cover off, but you may also want to go above and beyond to attract the right staff. Because it’s important that you care about your employees’ health. So offering gym membership, supplying health food, or even running a cycle to work program could work for you here.

Relocation Essentials

And what about if you’re asking people to relocate? Maybe you have two offices and you want someone to head to a different location for awhile? When that’s the case, you may need to arrange a furnished apartment like to help them settle. Alternatively, you may need to provide transport or travel reimbursements should they not wish to relocate.

Sporadic Celebrations

Finally, everyone wants to be part of a fun office that likes to be social. So be sure that you focus on throwing cool occasions, like days out just because and parties throughout the year. This is the stuff that keeps your staff loyal, because it will ensure that they love everything about your company, and not just doing their job role.

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