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Marketing Tactics to Quickly Boost Sales in 2018

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The new year has arrived and with it comes new opportunity to supercharge your sales and marketing campaigns for 2018. Instead of relying on safe traditional advertising strategies, it may be time to adopt new and disruptive approaches. Here are four strategic approaches that you can utilize in 2018 to boost sales in the first quarter.

Live Video Marketing

The fix is in: the true king of online marketing is video. New research has shown that when it comes to which types of marketing campaigns have the most impact in an online setting, it’s no longer static images, podcasts, or even blog posts.

live video marketing

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How much more advantageous is video compared to other marketing? To start, Facebook says that video generates 135% more organic reach than images. Those are some serious numbers, and live video has shown even higher engagement rates. This trend is only going to continue in 2018, so begin planning video marketing campaigns now if you want to drive sales in the new year.

Social Media Marketing

While live video marketing is an important facet of an overall online marketing strategy, you’re behind the time if you don’t have a full-fledged social media policy. As with each year prior, 2018 will see an increased focus on online sales and marketing. One of the most cost-effective ways to harness this ever-increasing impetus is to harness the power of social media to build your brand.

One of the best paths to success will be pursuing a “social influencer” strategy. You’ll need to identify   individuals with a wide Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram following, and target them as a potential customer. If your brand can impress an influential point of contact, they’ll rave about you to their followers – possibly resulting in burgeoning sales nearly overnight. Although, beware, as the reverse is also a possibility – alienate the wrong person, and your brand can be sunk by negative publicity.

Trade Show Marketing

Trade shows, whether they’re business-to-business or business-to-consumer, have always been excellent opportunities to boost sales and gain more brand recognition. However, exhibition marketing strategies of yesteryear – static displays and traditional brochure handouts – have become tired and dated. Today, new advances in technology mean there is a myriad of ways to attract the attention of prospects. Leveraging this technology is an important aspect of any trade show marketing plan to boost sales in 2018.

trade show marketing

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Some of the best and most proven methods for electrifying audiences at trade shows are the inclusion of interactive elements within your booth space, especially when combined with digital signage and backlit displays. Integrating interactivity with social media is a surefire way to increase brand recognition and consumer interest. Providing attractive, comfortable lounge furniture – and places for guests to charge mobile devices – provides opportunities for exhibition attendees to hang around your booth area for longer periods of time and learn more about your brand in an organic way that will stick long after they’ve returned home.

Transparency & Honesty in Marketing

Finally, consumers have evolved past the point where they’ve been satisfied with occult, disingenuous approaches to sales and marketing campaigns. Brands that can prove to prospective consumers they are “genuine” – no ulterior motives, no tricks up their sleeves, and above sneaking around to promote products – are going to fare better in this brave new world of marketing.

It’s true what they’ve always said: honesty is, indeed, the best policy. Any whiff of outdated, ostentatious sales and marketing tactics will immediately turn off today’s consumers. Being honest and straightforward, on the other hand, will win respect and admiration – which translates to better sales.

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