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Inspiring Business Ideas For The Services Industry

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When you want to go into business for yourself, it’s not easy to know exactly what it is that you want to do. Because some people will know exactly where their entrepreneurial ambitions should lie, but others won’t. Some will just know that they want to run their own company, but they don’t always know what it should be. So, sometimes, you just need to consider a few different business ideas so that you can find the inspiration you need.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Because it’s very easy to focus on just one business idea that you’ve heard went well for someone you know or have read about online – but it may not be the one for you. Taking the idea of setting up a service, rather than launching a product, here are four different industries and areas that you could consider launching your business in, and four specific kinds of business ideas within them too.

service industry

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B2B Services

These are the kind of services that you’re going to supply to other business, and while you will have customers, they’re not going to be in the consumer market place.

B2B services

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Marketing is big business. It’s a specialist service that will always be required in the B2B marketplace. Not only do many businesses not have the time to handle their marketing themselves, but they don’t always have the expertise. That’s where an agency comes in. So, if you have great ideas and you’re creative or you’re strong with strategy, starting a marketing agency would be a good business move for you.


If you’re not all that creative, you may not be interested in a marketing business. Maybe you’re great with numbers? When that’s the case, getting into the accounting industry with your own business might be a smart move. Lots of business, both big and small – even self-employed people too, outsource their taxes and financial operations to accountancy firms. So, you’re going to have a stream of work out there should you wish to take it.


Lots of new businesses will need assistance when they first start up, when they experience hard times, or even when they’re short on ideas to help them grow. And this is why consultants exist. As a self-employed consultant, you would be an adviser to a range of businesses about whatever it is you’re a specialist in – from generally building strong business operations to creating a strong brand image.


And all businesses need to deal with human resources (HR) – the ones with employees anyway. Not every business will have a HR department, but they may not have time to cover off things like induction packs and benefits packages either. So, they outsource it. Whether you choose to become an HR consultant, or set up your own practice advising business and running HR departments remotely. You’ll find that there will be a strong demand for services in this area as more and more businesses choose to outsource.

Software as A Service (SaaS)


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Here, the service you’re providing is in some ways a product. Because it’s actually a piece of software that your clients will use. Although technically you are still providing a service.

Data Manipulation

Every business wants to be using data. Data and information on customers and results is crucial to ensuring that a business can move in the right direction. But at the same time, not every business owner is skilled with data manipulation. If you’re great with software, or you know someone is, creating a data manipulation service that will allow your clients to sort and filter their data while using your software could sell well.


At the same time, businesses are big on analytics too. When you’re launching a SaaS company, you really have to make sure that you’re creating something that your customers need – and that isn’t similar to something already available on the market. So, if you can create a software product that allows your customers to work with an analytics service they’ve not used before, you’ll find yourself with business idea gold.


But companies also need to communication. More and more businesses are becoming entirely online. And when they outsource projects to other people or companies, they need to be able to communicate – even more so if every member of staff works remotely. That’s where business communications come in. So, could you launch an app or a software service that allows businesses to communicate more effectively? If so, you’re going to enter the market as an instant success.

Management System

Finally, another business essential for you to give some thought over would be a type of management system. Whether it’s for project management or running business operations overall, this will be integral to many businesses. If you can tailor this to a particular sector or industry, like health and safety, or the haulage industry, you’re going to be great meeting a need with a must-have streamlining solution.


hospitality service

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The hospitality industry is largely built up on providing a service. Whether you have experience in the industry or not, here are some business ideas that might be right for you.


Bed and breakfast style hotels can be a really big trade. You’re always going to find customers that want to stay in quaint country cottages in small towns. So if you live in a small town, or you’re hoping to move to one, starting a bed and breakfast business could be a great venture for you. It’s often something you can start out of passion too. So, if you know what the B&B clientele like, then you could create something really special here.


Next up, why not consider a restaurant? If you can cook, or you know a great head chef that wants to go into business with you, it can be an incredible venture. But the restaurateur business can be tough stuff. You have to know that customers are going to love your food and be swept away by your service. You can’t set up assuming that you’re going to just get by – this needs to be something that you commit to giving your all to.


From here, you may also want to think about provide a full-service style vacation place. And ranches are the perfect idea. You may even want to take a look at available ranches to inspire you, as there are different kinds you could look at starting. From a horse ranch to a fishing ranch, you could put on activities and even host guests to stay too.


Finally, what about trying out a tour business? Again, if you do live in a tourist haven, or you’re keen to move to one, then this business idea has a lot of potential. A lot of visitors want to get to know the history of a place, or be taken around the best sights without having to plan the agenda themselves. So opting for a tour guide service could be an incredible business venture in the right place.


blogging as service

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Here we’re going to talk about the services that you can provide if you are a blogger. While this is technically one job, it can also be insightful if you want to make money blogging.


The first service you could provide to your readers and customers, would be a course. Courses often prove wildly popular for bloggers and also generate a sustainable income too. Whether you’re a food blogger or finance blogger, your course can be entirely personal to your expertise, such as a cooking course or a ‘steps to financial freedom’ style course. It’s also a service you can provide automatically by setting up the product to purchase online, so that you don’t have to deliver it yourself each time.


Similarly, you also have ebooks. Again, this is technically a kind of product, but as your ebook is going to be non-fiction, it is more of a service that you’re providing to your readers. Similar to the idea of a course, what you provide here can be completely personal to your blog itself.

Freelance Writing

A full service you could look to provide to customers would be freelance writing. This can often be something you offer alongside your blog. If you’re a travel blogger, why not provide copy to travel businesses? Or fashion content to the fashion industry for fashion bloggers? Depending on your niche, there will always be businesses you can write for.


Finally, you may also want to offer a mentoring service. This makes a lot of sense to business or finance blogs, as many people may want a mentor for those topics. However, you could still make it work if you’re blog is in another niche, as your service may be to mentor other bloggers on how to run their blog as a business. Turning a blog from a hobby to a legitimate business venture that makes a lot of money is something lots of people want to know – so if you’ve done it, it’s a great topic to teach to others.

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