How To Pest-Proof Your Business Premises

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Does your business have a pest problem? Pests could be a massive health and safety concern, as well as causing general destruction and calamity in your business. This could include anything from cockroaches in a restaurant kitchen to mice in an office. Here are just some of the top ways in which you can pest-proof your premises.

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Keep your premises clean

An unclean work environment is more likely to attract pests. Food debris such as crumbs and spillages can be some of the biggest causes of pest problems – a surprising number of offices get rodent problems because of this. Make sure you’re cleaning your premises regularly, whether you’re doing this yourself or hiring a cleaning company. Cleanliness of utmost importance if you sell of handle food that is sold to the public.

Seal up cracks

You can also stop pests getting into your premises by blocking all forms of entry. A crack large enough to fit a pencil in is enough for a baby mouse to squeeze through. Consider buying some caulk to seal up these cracks or use steel wool. Make sure that there are also no gaps under exterior doors or in between windows and frames.

Protect your bins from animals

Bins – particularly outdoor bins – can get raided by pests like rats and foxes. This can be particularly common with restaurants and food production companies that often throw away a lot of food waste. Protect your bins from pests by considering pest-proof options. There are even bins out there that are bear-proof such as these bear-resistant “BE series” trash cans and recycle bins. Having your garbage regularly taken away could also be necessary.

Consider installing bird spikes

Birds can also serve as pests. Nesting birds can create a lot of mess, which may bring down the outside appearance of your premises. The likes of these Jones & Son Defender bird spikes could be worth installing on your premises to prevent birds from nesting. Bird spikes do not harm birds – they simply stop them from landing. That said, some companies may still find them a little too menacing.

Know when to call in pest control services

If you’ve got a severe infestation and you’re worried that it could be a health and safety concern, it could be worth hiring professionals to deal with the problem. If you own a restaurant, this could be a priority as you likely won’t be able to keep your restaurant open. There are specialist pest control services out there that deal with commercial problems.

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