How To Remain Absolutely Clear With Your Customers

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As a business, adopting a vague marketing outreach can be worthwhile from time to time. Perhaps you hope to be as carefully mysterious as possible as you count down to a product launch, or air your marketing in an aura of emotive language and imagery, such as that often used by fragrance companies. That being said, this is mostly where being less-than-transparent starts and ends in terms of value to your firm.

For the most part, remaining absolutely clear about everything you do is an essential practice, aside from keeping your intellectual and design property secret, of course. With this in mind, all of your front-facing information is not about how well you shield it from the world, but how well you directly focus your message regarding that. For example, Apple can suggest that a phone has a much larger battery, but as it hits store shelves home hobbyists will be opening that device immediately and will find any indiscretion as quickly as you can click your fingers.

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Using the following tips, you’re sure to remain absolutely clear with your customer base:

Correct Dimensions

The correct dimensions you utilize are important to show. Weighing experts can help you gain a pin-point accurate weight reading (which will also factor into shipping cost) as well as dimensions up and down the product, how much space it takes, where it can be fitted, if it’s compatible with other off-brand extensions etc. There is almost nothing lost in telling your customers all of the exact specifications and dimensions of the item they are buying, and in many countries, this is actually thoroughly codified as a legal requirement. Ensure you live up to that.

Demonstrative Videos

It can also be a great idea for a firm to offer demonstrative videos on their YouTube channel or website. For example, let us say you are selling a pressure cooker. A video detailing how to operate a kitchen appliance like this can be a means not only to show your customers how to use it, but to gain the confidence of prospective buyers. Additionally, you may also show many recipes being cooked in said appliance, which could allow would-be-buyers to not only see the product in action – but to imagine themselves using it.

Vetting & Transparency

Vetting your hirees, your suppliers, those you connect with, and also being transparent about everything you do as a business is important. For example, many businesses find it easy to adopt the LGBTQ+ rainbow as part of their branding during pride month, but fail to show just what they believe in or what initiatives they support. You needn’t make deep investments to have a stance as a business, but simply curating your activity and marketing decisions a little more, and being open for inspection can always be a good sign.

With this advice, not only will you remain absolutely clear with your customers, but you’ll be able to grow mutual goodwill as a result. Consumers can see when you’re trying to adhere to the best practices, and they will support you for it.

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