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How To Optimize Content To Boost Your Online Presence?

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Creating engaging content can be challenging, however, it is not impossible to achieve. Whether this is improving content for a blog or creating more engaging social media posts this can all help to improve your brand’s online presence over time. In this article, we will be looking into how you can optimize your content to get the best possible results.

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Optimize For Specific Keywords

One of the biggest ways that you can optimize your content to boost your online presence is to choose specific keywords that are relevant to your business. By using a digital marketing agency such as absolute, you can put time into implementing important strategies based off of keyword mapping files and content gap analysis data. This will help you to specifically tailor content to a specific target audience to get the best possible outcome from the content being created and uploaded.

Optimize for Local Search

During this particular stage of an SEO strategy, there is also the option to rank for local search terms and specific local keywords. This is becoming much more prominent in a number of SEO strategies as local keywords are needed in order to rank for in voice search results. Though voice search is still in the early stages of implementation, it is said that 50% of all Google searches will be by voice in 2020. Therefore, prioritizing local keywords could give you a head start on your competitors as it increases the chances of ranking in voice search results.

Prioritize E.A.T Metric

Since the core algorithm update in 2018, there has been an increased focus on your money or your life websites with a number of rankings in the health and finance sector seeing significant drops in rankings. Since this update, Google has released E.A.T metrics that outline what they are looking for in terms of expertise, authority and trust. In order to get a high ranking from Google in these three core areas, the content needs to be researched with information coming from a reliable author who is an expert in their field as well as being completely transparent with the reader. This will, therefore, show Google that your website is trustworthy and therefore boosts the potential for you to rank higher than a competitor.

Make Content Interesting

The final step to boosting your online presence is to make the content as interesting as possible. Whether this is a blog post for a website, or content for social media, the more engaging the better. This will help you to not only direct traffic to the main source such as your website landing page, but it will help to get the branding out there. This is beneficial from a sales perspective as you can then begin to push potential leads through the conversion funnel with an effective inbound marketing strategy, thus helping to boost the business.

Whether you are a start-up looking to boost your brand as much as possible in the early stages or you are an established business owner looking to better your online presence, optimizing content will help you to capture the audience attention and build your brand from this. Where will you start?

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