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How to Encourage Well-being at Work

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Employees are important assets in any organization. Without them, it’s almost impossible for any business to function. However, they are like seeds that need to be watered if you want them to give their roles their best efforts. They need to be replenished, encouraged, and given an enabling environment to thrive. This often means businesses need to go back to the drawing board and figure out what their employees need and how they can boost their well-being.

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Improve Ergonomics

One of the ways to encourage well-being in the workplace is to improve office ergonomics. For those who don’t know what ergonomics are, it refers to people’s efficiency in their work environment.

Improving office ergonomics could mean investing in sit/stand desks so that your employees avoid sitting in one place for hours on end. Aside from changing their desks, you could also get a chair that supports their spinal curves and provide headsets so that they can walk around or move while on calls.

Recommend Regular Health Visits

In addition to improving ergonomics, encouraging regular health visits could also go a long way to helping well-being at work. Some employees work extremely hard and find it difficult to stop and take a break. What you can do is send reminder emails that contain health tips and reminders for them to see their family doctor for examinations. You should also let them know that if they’ve been misdiagnosed or there has been negligence on part of a healthcare professional, they should visit as they could be compensated.

Give Paid Days Off

To show that you truly care about your employees’ well-being, why not give them paid days off? This is a fantastic way of encouraging them to use their off days and even go away on a short vacation. You will find that some of your employees don’t even use all of their holidays in a year which could negatively impact their work-life balance.

However, remember that you still need to turn a profit. Allow for paid days off for those who have exerted themselves as a reward.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Following on from the former point, encouraging work-life balance is essential. If not, the chances of your employee’s well-being being negatively affected are likely to increase. Think about whether they’re experiencing work overload or if long hours are interfering with their family duties and how you can help tackle such challenges. It could mean providing on-site childcare, flexible working arrangements, or fitness facilities or a gym membership.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Food is another way to help improve your employee’s well-being. Seeing as they spend a significant amount of the day at work, encourage them to eat the right foods. One way to do so is to put healthy snacks in the office kitchen, so they can get the energy boost or nourishment they need while working. Have fruit in the office, bring in natural Greek yogurt and provide healthy, fruity teas. Try and limit the amount of cakes or baked good brought in, as cake Friday can cause an issue for certain employees.

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