Bye Bye Faceless Corporations: Here’s How To Humanize Your Business

These days if you want your business to be successful coming off as a massive, multi-million-dollar corporation can work against you. In fact, customers may see you as a faceless corporation that is only interested in taking their money and not with the outcome they will receive. Of course, customers with this view are bad for business because it means they are much more likely to go and spend their money with someone else. Luckily, it is possible to humanize your company to make it more appealing. Keep reading to find out how.

Humanize Your Business
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Brand story

First of all, to humanize that business of yours, it is essential to get your brand story straight. “What is a brand story,” I hear you cry? Well, it’s the narrative of how and why your brand came about, and “because we wanted to make money,” is not an acceptable answer.

Instead, think about the problem or issue that you came across that inspired you to set up your company on a personal level. Did you have trouble finding support in the beginning stages? Did you have a slow rise to success, or did things happen overnight?

Also, consider you may wish to approach it from the perspective of what motivated you to share a product that you had come up with, and who did you want to help? All these things matter because they will help customers understand and connect to your brand, and if they can do that they are much more likely to choose you to buy from than going to someone else.

Ensure availability

To come across as humanized your company needs to be available for its customers. What this means is that they need to be able to get in touch with you quickly and effortlessly across platforms that are accessible and low cost.

Such platforms should include social media and a website chat box for instant communication. Also, it can be useful to look into how to get a 1300 number which will allow you to charge local rates and even have an answering message recorded by someone with a regional accent. Something that can once again help your business to appeal and connect with your customers on a more personal level.

Inject some personality

It can be massively helpful when trying to humanize your company to inject a little personality into proceedings, something that can be done in two ways.

Firstly, you may choose to have a relatable spokesperson or even members of your own staff appear in adverts, photos, and videos and promotional materials for your brand. Something that will literally provide a human face to which your customers can relate.

Secondly, a sense of personality is something that can come across in the way your business deals with things too, especially on social media platforms.

In fact, many businesses have had great success by taking a tongue in cheek approach to complaints or message on social media. Something which further humanizes them and makes them much more appealing to the average person.

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