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4 Brilliant Ways to Build Brand Awareness

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When you’re in a restaurant, do you ask for a cola or do you request a Coke from the server? Do you use an adhesive bandage or a Band-Aid to deal with your cuts and scrapes? Do you cook our winter stews in a slow cooker or do you use a Crock-Pot? If you’re like most people, chances are you use the latter phrases in all of the above examples, but you know what? They are all brand names rather than the names of generic products, or at least they started that way! Now, they have come synonymous with the kinds of products they represent. That means they are perfect examples of companies who’ve been successful at creating stellar brand awareness.

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Whether you want to grow your business to the size of Coca-Cola or simply ensure that your target audience is aware of your existence and that they want to choose you over the competition, you need to work on your brand awareness right now, and although there’s no way to become a household name overnight, here are some pretty effective ways to build brand awareness now:

Piggyback on Another Brand

Use corporate sponsorship, whereby you sponsor another company/product/event, who then mention or display your brand name/logo to their customers to ensure that more people are aware of you. Sponsoring big industry events, festivals that appeal to your target audience and even blogs or podcasts is an excellent way to increase the awareness of your brand. You might want to consider reciprocating and sponsoring other companies too because the more mutually beneficial relationships your build within your niche, the better, plus it could be a good way of earning a little extra revenue too!

Referral Programs

There’s nothing like word-of-mouth recommendations from peers to build brand awareness and you will find that a decent number of your customers will be willing to recommend your brand to their friends and family. If you give them a decent incentivized to do so, such as a gift voucher or some money off their next purchase. Best of all, it’ll be cheaper than a full-on marketing campaign.

Guest Posts

guest blogging for branding

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Especially if your brand is based online, it can be amazingly effective to create a guest post or a piece of content, and have it featured in one of the biggest and best websites catering to your target demographic. In order for this to work, you’ll need to ensure that your guest post/content is amazing, but if you can do that, you will get your brand name out there, and more people will be interested.

Create Infographics

Infographics are extremely popular right now due to their ability to lay out sometimes complex facts and figures in a simple, attractive and colorful way. If you, or a graphic designer in your employ, is able to create interesting infographics which will be shared widely. Then as long as you remember to site your brand as a source, you should generate more click juice and hugely boost your brand awareness.

These Four techniques may be fairly simple, but if you put them into action, they will send your brand awareness soaring through the roof!

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