All You Need To Know About Rotating Proxies For Web Scraping Using Python 3

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Web scrapers are always in the fear of getting their websites blocked while scraping from any of the hotspot retailers in the market. There are so many ways you can follow just for preventing your proxy site from getting blocked. You can try using rotating IP addresses, use proxies or even rotate and spoof user agents. Some web scrapers might even use headless browsers or reduce their crawling rate, only for the sake of safeguarding their proxy sites from getting banned.

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The perfect combination:

Proper use of proxies with rotating IP address with some rotating proxies for web scraping can always help you get rid of some of the anti-scraping measures. It will prevent your site being detected as a scraper one. This entire concept of rotating the IP Addresses while scraping is so simple. You can simply make your address look like not a single bot or a person accessing the website. You can make it looks like multiple real users are currently accessing the online site from various locations. If you can take the right steps over here, there are high chances that your blocking rate might be minimalized to a great extent.

Ways to send a proxy request in Python 3 using some simple requests:

In case you are currently associated with Python requests, you can send it through proxy by just configuring proxy’s argument. You can even use free proxy sources just to get an example of how real requests are sent.

Time to find a proxy:

There are so many websites available to provide information on free proxies. You can visit any one of those online sites and check on the proxy you need and it should be able to support https. Sometimes, the proxies may not work when you are testing it. During such instances, you have to pick another one as a substitute.

Now, it is time to make a request to HTTPs UP endpoint. After that, you have to test to see whether the request went through the proxy easily or not. Once you sent the request, it is time to visit the “sending request” category through selected IP addresses.

Time to rotate requests through proxies in Python 3:

Each site comes with a list, talking about the names of active proxies at that time. If you want, you can choose from the list or use your private proxies.

  • For creating this list, you have to manually copy and paste the link or can automatically work on it through scraper.
  • If you want, you can further write a script to check out on all the proxies you might need and end up creating a dynamic list every time when you initialize web scraper.
  • Once you have settled for the list of proxy IPs, following the next steps is easy. You can log online to check some codes to pick up IPs for scraping automatically.
  • While going through the codes, you will come across a function namely “get proxies.” It will return a proper set of proxy strings, which can easily pass to request object as the proxy config.
  • Once you gathered the list of all proxy IP addresses in variable options, it is time to move ahead and rotate the proxies using Round Robin methodology.

Major points to note down while using proxies and rotating IP addresses:

There are some points, which every Proxy Scarper has to understand, and that is associated with the usability of proxies and some rotating IP addresses.

  • Avoid using any proxy IP address in sequences:

Even a simple form of the anti-scraping plugin can easily detect that you are part of the scraping community if the request comes from IP addresses, which are continuous or even belong to the same range. Some examples are,, and the list goes on.

  • For free proxies, automate is the right option:

Free proxies have this tendency to die out really fast, primarily in hours or even within days. It might further expire before scraping even takes place. To prevent that from taking place and to avoid scraping disruption, you can write some of the codes, which you can pick up automatically and get to refresh the proxy list that you use for the scraping delight with the working IP addresses. It helps in saving a lot of your time and avoids frustration.

  • Try using elite proxies whenever possible in case you are going for free proxies:

Remember that all options under rotating proxies for web scraping are not same. There are mainly three types of them available in the market; transparent proxy, elite proxy and an anonymous proxy. Among the lot, elite proxies will be your finest option as these are quite hard to detect.

Make sure to get these points straight before finalizing on the right rotating proxies you want for covering the task of web scraping.

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