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6 Things You Can do to Develop a Strong HR Department

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Your HR department is a critical key to the success of your organization. Whether your organization is a small size business or large enterprise, a strong Human Resources (HR) department takes the lead in facilitating a healthy growing work environment for all of your employees. HR has a wide span of legal responsibility that oversees critical areas in the company like safety, benefits, compensation, employee motivation, performance management, and training programs.

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That said, here are 6 things you can do to build a strong HR department.

1. Publish the Mission of the HR Department

Building a strong cohesive unit is not easy to do if you have not published your department’s mission. The mission gives everyone a clear vision of what the department wants. For instance, the mission is normally a statement that gives a description of where HR wants their customers to be as a result of the services that they provide. This mission statement can be used to be inspiring, motivating, while also providing a clear path to the ultimate results for all involved.

2. Recruit the Best Talent

A strong HR department is always focused on acquiring the best talent for the company. The same is true for hiring the best talent within the HR department itself. Therefore, when HR jobs are being filled, the candidates must be assessed for both present and future capabilities. For instance, HR resource jobs need people who are already marketable to fill the next level up in their careers.

3. Offer Promotion Within

A strong cohesive unit is also described as one that helps to facilitate longevity within the company as well as in the HR department. Therefore, when employees are hired into the department, HR must be prepared to provide opportunities for promoting their own first for new and open positions before recruiting on the outside.

4. Incorporate Benchmarking

If you want your HR department to be the best in the industry, you can always look to industry leaders who have already implemented tried and proven ways of strengthening the departments that operate. This is also one of the primary reasons some of the Top HR books are highly recommended to HR department management and their teams. These books contain a wide range of valuable information that can be used to cultivate an HR team into a strong unit that is effective in protecting the company’s resources. Based on the subject matter in these books, they may also give tips on how to benchmark as well as the top benchmark innovator sources to use in your plans.

5. Automate Automate Automate

The HR department is an area that can benefit greatly from many of the latest technological advances in their industry. Due to the vast amount of data that is collected in this area and secured to comply with company policies, and governmental regulations, the need for swifter access to accurate information cannot be overstated. For example, whenever a new law is mandated that affects HR’s span of control, new software development and enhancements are needed to comply. Therefore, to prevent long time-consuming processes from costing the company more money, a strong HR department helps in facilitating and promoting new automation to complement these changes. A strong HR department helps to make a strong case on solving long term manual processing problems with an automated solution that will generate cost savings now and in the future for the company.

6. Funds HR Training and Certifications

To keep up with the most recent changes in the laws that govern HR activities, the employees in these areas need the training that is required to be proficient. The training for this profession can be very costly for each individual. However, due to the knowledge that is needed, it is important that the cost for these professionals to be a non-issue. For instance, when this additional training is related to their present job or career progression, a strong HR department will fund what is needed including the cost of those that qualify for certifications like SHRM.


Building a strong HR department takes time and effort in order to devise a solid plan. In fact, the strategy that you use in this plan should include a wide variety of differently proven ways to develop an effective cohesive team. Some of the most important include hiring the best talent, automating HR processes, and funding professional certifications.

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